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Call numbers and 901 902 free

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on July 3rd, 2008

Good afternoon, some time ago told me a website that offers the equivalent number of national and 901 902 numbers of customer companies.

At present all or almost all who have a broadband connection we also call our toll-national or even free, that's why thanks to this website no longer need to call numbers 901 902 or open a support ticket to our line of Internet, consult a bank, insurance, or of anything through a 901 902 or by calling their national equivalent can contact these companies for free.

I have checked several of these numbers and in effect after a month at my phone bill I have no payment to a 902 as I enter the same share of national calls.

MegaCracks hope you find it useful as it has been so far for me.

Do not abuse, Use them only when you really wish to obtain this service will be to take it away and liemos.

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