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Migrating Windows domain to Windows 2000 2003.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on July 7th, 2008

What I will show in this post are the steps to migrate a domain that is currently running Windows 2000 to a newer version of Windows 2003 (Can also be R2).

The first thing you should do is follow the steps in the post How to create an additional domain controller in windows server 2003.

When you're done you should make that server is Global Catalog as follows:

just click on Home -> Management tools -> Sites and Active Directory Services.


Sites -> Default first site name -> Servers -> (your server 2003) -> You press right button and NTDS Settings.


Placeh Global Catalog, Just click OK and Reboot the domain controller.

If you have only domain controllers in Windows 2000 when it restarts you will have to transfer FSMO roles this new domain controller in 2003 for this to be the primary domain controller as indicated in the post Fsmo roles Move Command Line that I will go way faster than windows.

After this check that you dns server to point your users to be it again.

We can modify the DHCP. (I'll explain how to do it in another post).

End, only steps you should be able to turn off the old domain controller in windows 2000 (always only had the domain controller role) and that the domain continue to function but now in Windows 2003. If this server out for more things you could do a dcpromo for the domain controller despromover and use the server for what you want.

Once you had no more domain controllers in Windows 2000 and could raise the domain functional level to native 2003 thereby achieving substantial improvements in your domain.

Greetings MegaCracks.

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6 Responses to "Migrating Windows domain to Windows 2000 2003."

  1. Xames Says:

    such XaviXaus

    First of all a greeting and a hug for such a excellent site.

    I want to migrate from one server to another windows windows 2003 2003, I do it by hand you present (Windows domain 2000 Migrate to Windows 2003.), But my question is if I am performing these steps by migrating groups, Users and equipment, which is what makes the herramineta ADMT from Microsoft, because the truth as I want to avoid the long and delicate process of the feature of Microsoft (ADMT), and I have the confusion if both your steps as using the tool Microsoft's lead me to the same thing is to migrate a domain controller.

    I hope you can support me as soon as possible with this topic because I have limited time.


  2. jesus Says:

    good, in my case I have followed this procedure but I have a problem surguido, SYSVOL and NETLOGON folders do not appear on the new server, you have a solution?

  3. Jose N. Paniagua Z. Says:

    Very good forum ... Congratulations!, Go to the point without result and if you get replies ..

    I want to migrate from one server 2000 (Main) to a 2003 and after a server 2003 2008, leaving the main 2008 once migration is complete ..

    We try, the migration of direct 2000 2008 but encotre me with some errors, mainly with the dns, to others it does not replicate, I desidido ACCORDINGLY 2003 migrate first and then to 2008

    The question is THE FOLLOWING: The server 2000 already prepared the domain and forest for 2008 ... need to run the adprep / forest .. and adprep / domainprep ... the server 2003 in 2000 server (if you already have the 2008 prepacion)?

    I welcome your comments or you advise me in my situation ...
    Note :: I have no exchage, nothing more is the DC, DNS, ActiveDirectory ..

    Thank you

  4. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Jose N. Paniagua Z.

    At haver made forest preparation and domain 2008 windows need not do it to 2003. Are cumulative.
    I've ever done is this. Do not yield any problems doing the adprep / forestprep domainprep neither? If they did not worry about that as I tell you what the adprep is preparing to host the domain server with superior operating system which also enters you 2003.

    You can find more information:

  5. javier ramirez Says:

    that this is the first time I go to migrate a server to a windows server 2003 r2008 2. 2003 server has some administrative tools configured and my question is, is there any tool that supports it to be mounted to the new server 2008? or you must configure tool by tool?.

    Additional to this, I'll have some manual step by step migration?


  6. xavixaus Says:

    Good Javier.

    The administrative tools you mean that? if the Active Directory you must install the RSAT and activate them from the control panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Add Features, there you will see all the necessary administrative tools.

    I have no manual migration, but you need to do? You are about to migrate the Domain Controller or just an application server to 2003 2008?, I say that I recommend you do with a new server and then install 2008 the update you application instead of the operating system version.

    Greetings and you can tell me.

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