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How to make a dcpromo a Windows 2003 R2 x64 in a Windows domain 2003 x86.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on August 7th, 2008

Good morning, today I encountered a problem updating the domain that have Windows 2003 x86 to a Windows system 2003 R2 x64The problem is that to carry out this operation is required to put the cd 2 installation of windows server 2003 R2 x64 to run the adprep from the CD on the domain controller with architecture-based 32 bit of that system do I have . The problem is that in the cd2 the R2 x64 forgot to put the version of adprep for 32 bits, so that this process can not be performed unless ye the cd R2 version x86 too, but there is a way to solve it that I show below:

The error will appear is this: The image file D: \ CMPNENTS \ R2 \ ADPREP \ adprep.exe is valid, but is for a different type of machine.

The method to follow to solve this problem is the following (Remember to enter the domain controller session with a domain administrator user to be).

You will have to download the following hotfix (KB919151) occupying Kb 846 from the following link:

For more information about this hotfix you can consult the following link:

When you have received the patch so you will have to run and decompress (Remember to put the correct password you receive in e-mail) and copied to the current domain controller with Windows Server 2003 x86.

As you can see the adprep.exe file does not exist, you will have to copy the version that suits you the ia64, x86 x64 folder or in our case will be the file adprep.exe located in the folder x64 that we will move to this "root" folder, this will be as follows.

Now only you will have to run adprep / forestprep.

Write down C and press INTRO and begin the process:

When you finish the process appears to have been completed successfully.

And now we can run the adprep / domainprep.

Now if we go to the Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 and we can promote a domain controller without problems.

Greetings MegaCracks.

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16 Responses to "How to make a dcpromo a Windows R2003 x2 64 2003 x86 in a Windows domain."

  1. Clay Says:

    I did everything you indicate here but it is still my problem, I guess it must be because the hotfix that is downloaded to solve this problem is in English and my primary DC is in Spanish ???? please answer or need to do for my case thanks

  2. sebastian Says:

    I 2003 r2 idem in Spanish and does not take me I can not find the file version of the same hotfix in English

  3. XaviXaus Says:

    Well, I'm afraid he is not out in Spanish language, you can check this link:

  4. XaviXaus Says:

  5. sebastian Says:

    fuck some other solution I can not move at all and I have to install the 2003 64 bits that perhaps need to install the dc from 0?

  6. Pillar Says:

    I'll try with the r2 cd2 x86, but my question is if this update windows live with 2000 server, because I have servers with this system yet.

    Greetings and thanks.

  7. Clay Says:

    Fixed !!

    I commented that and solve this problem, it happens that there is a variant of this hotfix for Windows 2003 DC STD x86 (in Spanish), did not but I just microsoft, oops! thanks to my research and your great contribution XaviXaus.
    Right now I can not post it because my infrastructure is currently under maintenance but will gladly mail them to whoever wants it, see you soon and congratulations on your dsprendida attitude to enrich the community with your experience, thanks


    Could you send that fix to update the domain 32 64 bit to bit ..

    Many thanks in advance ...

  9. alvarezdda Says:

    as you solved __ =

  10. xavixaus Says:

    good alvarezdda

    You saw how?
    You must first prepare the forest and domain.

    At the end of the article I have explained.
    If you have more questions dimelo.

  11. Saul Quintero Says:

    Good morning friends Megacracks,

    Currently I have an Active directory 3 supported by domain controllers running Microsoft Windows Server Enterprise Edition 2003 SP1.

    One of them acts as a file server for Folder Redirection "My Documents". I read about the benefits of bringing the R2 FSRM, and I'm interested to use it, for it has been decided to update only the File Server to this version (just have 1 licensed).

    In 2do CD, tried to update, but pulled a message indicates that the AD schema is not compatible with the R2, and mentions to do a adprep / forestprep on the Global Catalog server.

    My dudass are: Is there a risk of changing my current directory to do the adprep? What exactly does the adprep? What would be the best practice to anticipate any problems before the adprep aplciar?

    I appreciate any help you can provide.

  12. CLAY Says:

    Hi Saul Quintero

    the 3 dc's that you say are different domains have or belong to the same domain (additional DC)?
    need to know so well able to analyze your problem ...

  13. Adrian Says:

    I have a situation simulating that of Saul Quintero.
    In the company I work there is a single 1 DC (32bits 2003std) and in the forest there are several different domains,,

    Our DC is I have been asked to create an additional dc x64 2003 r2.

    My question is: should I run on my existing dc (32bits) the adprep / forestprep? or just adprep / domainprep? or both?
    as the forest lies in the center I have doubts and really cause some serious problem.

    Thank you very much.

  14. XaviXaus Says:

    Adrian Good,

    The truth is I've never come this problem with what I recommend a consultation with microsoft realizes to be safer.

    Sorry I can not help you as this time, and tell me.

  15. Adrian Says:

    Thanks for your response XaviXaus.

    The truth is that I realized I first had to verify if the scheme had already been extended and it turned out that I found at: Aspx response, so I did not need the extension to R2 do on my own, because in my case IT people I had done in the forest (in center) above.

    But hey, if I turned out very useful to know how to check.

    Thank you.

  16. alvarezdda Says:

    My problem is this.
    I have a domain controller running Windows SBS 2003 32bits.

    But he wants to replace the other with Windows 2003 r2 64bits.

    to run DCPROMO I get this error.
    The version of the Active Directory schema of the source forest is not compatible with the version of Active

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