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Finally we can manage Exchange 2003 from Windows Vista (x86).

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on August 27th, 2008

Since Windows Vista came to market Exchange administrators have hechado much less the mmc to manage exchange from our windows Vista, you have more taken longer to get Vista for this reason, the only possibility that existed until 6 day in August and said at Microsoft itself, was we should we connect to Exchange server via remote desktop and manage it from there.

Here I show as do to install these tools. EYE can not be installed if you have Microsoft Outlook installed (you should uninstall it first (I hope at the moment).

First of all we enter our Windows Vista user with a domain administrator and local administrator and install Support for configuring IIS Metabase and IIS6 and the IIS6 Management Console

To do this we will Control panel -> Programs and Features -> Enable or disable Windows features -> Internet Information Services -> Web Management Tools -> Management Support of IIS6 -> And you must make choices Support for configuring IIS Metabase and IIS6 y IIS6 Management Console.


Press OK.

Now you will have to download the Windows Server Service Pack 2003 2 Administration Tools Pack for x86 editions and install as follows but I recommend you keep reading to see a better option but not step by step explanation.

Execute the downloaded file:




and press Finish.

We have a better option is to install the Remote Administration Tools for Windows Server Microsoft Vista SP1 32-bit Edition (KB941314) they are able to manage domains 2008 mounted on windows and correct several errors that had earlier versions of adminpak, when you finish the installation you will have to install components Account Management Active Directory from Control panel -> Programs and Features -> Enable or disable Windows features -> Administration Tools Renita dek server -> Management Tools Features -> Tools Domain Services Active Directory -> Tools Domain Services Active Directory and mark Tools of the domain controller for Active Directory.

Currently our facility is based on Windows Server Service Pack 2003 2 Administration Tools Pack for x86 editions. But at least you know that there are more possibilities. For me it is much better the second option because I will explain in more detail in another post.

Another step is to download, unzip and install Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1 2.44 occupying MB. One of the premises to install this add is that you may have installed Microsoft Outlook unthinkable (I guess that shall solve this problem later) that the Exchange administrator does not have Outlook installed on your computer? (Unbelievable).


CLICK Next>.


Placeh I agree and You press Next>.


CLICK Finish.

Now unburden the 2003 Exchange administrative tools for Windows Vista

Execute the downloaded file to unzip into any temporary folder.


Execute the file ESMVISTA.MSI decompressed.


CLICK Next>.


Placeh I agree and You press Next>.


CLICK Next>.


CLICK Finish.

To verify that you work properly managing users from Windows Vista Tear Exchange console users and computers in Active Directory Execute or dsa.msc from Start -> RunAnd now to open the properties of any user who had exchange tabs you will see the typical configuration of the mail account and more.


Anyway, I hope you find it helpful, though for my taste without an outlook where you can taste the nasty things we do when Exchange is not worth almost for nothing.

Until next MegaCracks.

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15 Responses to "Finally we can manage Exchange 2003 from Windows Vista (x86)."

  1. Cuervo77 Says:

    Good afternoon to all.

    I have come to this site after habérseme damaged hard drive of my laptop and having to reinstall, to be looking if there was any solution to managing a Microsoft Exchange server from a computer running Windows Vista.

    Having carefully read the article I decided to eat it right after installing the OS (including sp1).

    I followed all the steps as above and I have chosen the option "Tools Remote Server Administration for Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 32-bit Edition (KB941314)" because I found the most appropriate addition to being the recommended. Once all the steps I have seen that really works, creating a mailbox to a user, moving it to a server in another delegation and then deleting it.

    Having done all these steps, I followed installing the necessary software to do my daily work (Cisco ASDM, VMware Infrastructure client, etc ....) and when I install Office installed the Microsoft Office Outlook except 2003 I installed the cd because I 2007 is required as this version syncs with Sharepoint issue, I set it up total waiting backfire at some point and I can see it works like a charm, immediately afterwards to check back functioning of the administration of Exchange and I see that also works and has continued to function after several resets all of the laptop.

    No more, thanks to information provided by this article and comment from today this blog becomes a part in "My Favorites" many thanks and greetings to all.

  2. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Cuervo77.

    Thank you for your comments, you are absolutely right, how to have Outlook installed and 2003 2007 or run the ESM is installed on your computer first and then install the ESM outlook.


  3. Clay Says:

    Hello XaviXaus

    Congratulations for your great contributions go ahead

    I want to make your sgte query: My case is the same, just that I have installed Windows Vista Ultimate x64, the above mentioned download are about to view x86, which I do, download the same components but x64?
    On the other hand will not let me install on my Windows Server 2003 view 2 Administration Tools Pack Service Pack for x86 editions, as I said that only he can do in windows xp or 2003

    Please answer me as soon as possible thanks

  4. Kyle from Tarraco Says:

    A Clay:
    If you have Windows Vista you would have to install the second link, which Xavi recommends Windows Vista, here you get two links I found interesting for you:
    Update for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems (KB944652)
    Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems
    the search that I did was:
    server administration tools x64 beside all downloads

  5. Clay Says:

    Thanks Kyle from Tarraco

    I will continue going to have your suggestions, I'll be warning

  6. CLAY Says:

    UPS, I did all of the above ....
    Install the sgte order:

    1.-Tools Remote Server Administration for Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 32-bit Edition (KB941314).

    2.-Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1

    3.-2003 Exchange administrative tools for Windows Vista

    I did not have any problems during installation, but when I have to test the active directory console (dsa.msc) shows me the users who have cooreo mailbox without the famous tabs to configure the mail, meaning I still can not access the exchange server
    I do not understand this error, I should check or do please if anyone can give me what agradecere lights

    Just in case I use windows vista ultimate with SP64 x1

  7. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Clay,
    I think what happens is that you're not seeing the advanced options, View -> Advanced Options, I say ....

  8. CLAY Says:


    1 step installation. - is x64 (64 bit)

  9. Clay Says:

    If you saw them, but I tell you I'm still unable to see tabs mail settings, to see advanced options I just listed some other but not to set up email, I mean the team with a view still can not connect to my exchange server, it can be???

  10. CLAY Says:

    Hello XaviXaus
    The problem I had was that after installing the ESM is to register all components using the regsrv, apparently this only if x64 Vista versions.
    Now after doing all 2003 install outlook but I can not configure any 2003 exchange account because it gives me error can not log into the exchange server.
    Lei earlier that installing the outlook after the ESM can use ....
    I should else should I do???

  11. yashingo_x Says:

    You know if you can use to win7 .. I find nothing and still blend with what you mention but just do not ...


  12. XaviXaus Says:

    Good yashingo_x

    Yes it works the same for windows 7, what you have to lose are the RSAT, look at the last article in the link Windows7 (AD administrative tools) + all configuration of the ESM.

  13. yashingo_x Says:

    Win the RSAT have 7 are these

    but the configuration of the Exchange ..

    The active and control it, I lack the exchange ...


  14. XaviXaus Says:

    Good yashingo_x

    That's your problem?, At which point you fail? you're not doing it without outlook?

    You will tell me.

  15. yashingo_x Says:

    mm and have since had the active directory but ps you remove all to install ps of exchange but I stay in the step where you install the ESM but since it says it requires vista view to settle .. I had already removed the outlook .. just remove that option ..

    Today I returned to install the AD ..


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