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Installing Exchange in an Exchange organization 2007 2003 (Part III)

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on September 12th, 2008

Continuing the theme:

After installation we direct you to this page of the Exchange management console that will give us the option to perform multiple functions, the first and most important is to insert the product key.


Click on the first option: Enter the Exchange Server Product Key.


will press Go to Server Configuration.


To the right of the screen will press on Enter Product Key.


Insert your key and will press Enter.


CLICK Finish and as we needed a reboot after installation, we do now.

To restart an Exchange 2003 was first recommended stop services (net stop MSExchangeSA) As this will be cleaner and faster. In this new version system reboot Exchange it is extremely faster.

To verify that we introduced the key can either rerun the previous screens and see the Enter Product Key option is no longer available.


To be continue….

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2 Responses to "Installing Exchange in an organization 2007 2003 Exchange (Part III)"

  1. fegume Says:


    following your blog, I tried my owa front end and works with users exchange 2003, but does not work with new users I believe in exchange 2007, if I move one of exchange 2003 to 2007 same thing happens, you think of any idea.

    I want for a while have both operating environments and can enter my owa Front-end exchange 2003 to continue working my users that are still in Exchange 2003 and 2007 new that believes.

    Thank you

  2. dario Says:

    sorry but owa not work with 2003 2003 mailboxes. According to Microsoft does not allow this coexistence.

    "2007 Exchange deployment is not supported by a front-end Exchange server or Exchange 2003 2000 to a mailbox server Exchange 2007."

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