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How to delete a Terminal Server License Server from start to finish.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on September 21st, 2008

Good afternoon, I'm not writing sooner, I know many of you conectais daily to check if there are any new articles that you might be interested, well, here's another related article as usual with systems management. I hope you find it useful at some point in your long history.

The first thing would be to make a backup of your Active Directory (better safe than sorry).

If disponéis the Windows Support Tools installed the subs do it is:

In the first installation CD of Windows Server R2003 2 find in the Support \ Tools folder a file called suptools.msi, Ejecutadlo.


CLICK Next>.


just click on I Agree and about Next> .


CLICK Next>.


CLICK install Now.


just click on Finish.

Connect yourselves to the server Terminal Server Licensing, Start -> Administrative Tools -> Terminal Server Licensing.


Just click on your license server with the right mouse button and just click on the dropdown Advanced -> Disable Server.


CLICK Next> .


Fill in the fields and You press Next>.


just click on Finish.

Now connect yourselves to your domain controller and just click on Start -> Run and write adsiedit.msc.

Unfurl Configuration -> CN = Configure ... -> CN = Sites -> CN = Default-First-Site.


In the right screen You press double click on CN = TS-Enterprise-License-Server.


Look for the attribute SiteServer and just click on Edit.


Seleccionad the license server you please delete and just click on remove and about OK and wait a reasonable time so that all domain controllers to replicate the change.

Now from the license server you will have to enter Start -> Run and write regedit.

Now we will check if this string, I remember that when it says regedit HKLM HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE want to say,

HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ TermService \ Parameters \ LicenseServers.

If there is a link to the server name you want to delete we delete the registry key. (Be careful with this step, make no mistake that you can fuss server).

Now sailed from the same regedit a:
HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ MSLicensing \ Parameters \ EnterpriseServerMulti
HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ MSLicensing \ Parameters \ DomainLicenseServerMulti

Remove entries that link to the license server you wish to remove.

Now Reboot the license server Terminal Server we have removed.

When you pull up you will have to go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Add or Remove Windows Components.

Uncheck the option Terminal Server Licensing.




just click on Yes.

And you have completely uninstalled the server.

I hope you serve helps if you ever poured a facility without a license server that you realize and eliminate Owe because in one domain should not live 2 license servers of the same type.

Greetings MegaCracks.

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3 Responses to "How to delete a Terminal Server License Server from start to finish."

  1. diego Says:

    Gral very good but what we want is to install some means promiscuous mode

    Greetings and keep going!

  2. joel Says:

    hello that such

    I have a win adv srv 2003 with terminal 45 licenses installed, the problem is reaching the limit, but the only 45 are using the 35 around, and the remaining are teams we already low, or formatted , no way to return to reuse the 10 that I have blocked?


  3. jhon Says:

    hello, as I do in windows 8

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