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As 100% CPU problem solving GroupShield 7.0.1 and McScript_InUse

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on September 5th, 2009

Good, because I have not found any information on the solution to this problem and I think it is very interesting that you may know I write this article explaining the problem and the solution to it.

The scenario in which the error is an environment microsoft Exchange with Mcafee Groupshield and the new 3501 antivirus engine.

When checking the engine version you have installed GroupShield you can see that it remains the 5300 and it is not possible to update even installing hand-3501 version from the file downloaded from Mcafee.GroupShield701_100CPU_2

There are several mitigating it difficult to see the problem of 100% of CPUThe first is to have 1 single CPU, if our system has 2 or more CPU detectaréis not the problem so in the case that you may have installed revisaros Groupshield the process McScript_InUse is not running (only used to upgrade the product, dat and engine) if you are running may be due to this problem.

The problem appears the case that you have updated the GroupShield from one version 6.0 since in this version it was normal install Mcafee Alert Manager y Mcafee Outbreak which they are incompatible with the new version of McAfee GroupShield 7.0 and especially with the antivirus engine 3501.

In short, the problem comes when the new engine takes Mcafee virus that causes 3501 can not be installed in environments with McAfee GroupShield Exchange and that is not compatible with versions of Alert Manager and Outbreak Manager.

To check this error Try updating the antivirus only from Update now and this message will appear

Failed to get the main component interface called the product.


Causing the intensive use of the system:


Process CPU 35% McScript_InUse.exe, 31% of UdaterUI.exe and 9% of FrameworkService, A total of 75% of CPU disposing of 2 CPU, in case you may have only 1 CPU the process reaches steady 100% CPU to complete the process by disabling the antivirus and killing the process McSript_InUse.exe seeing again that the system returns to normal CPU load:


NOTE: In versions of antivirus agent 4.0 or later you can stop the process by pressing only Cancel Update on the screen when you received the error.

Well to solve this problem you must first uninstall from Add or Remove Programs el Mcafee Alert Manager y McAfee Outbreak Manager. (I do not explain how it is done automatically and does not have screenshots, or much explanation).

Unload the new engine from 5400 the agent version: Engine-only SuperDAT File (Intel) and install it.


Press Next.


Press Finish.

Now you can check that the antivirus engine becomes the 5400.


And if you are going to GroupShield engine Groupshield is also the 5400. We skipped the problem with 3501.


And now the litmus test. Re-run the process of updating the antivirus and:



"Eureka"We have solved the problem.


I hope this article is the reference point to solve this problem because I have not been able to find a reliable solution in this respect.

Greetings MegaCracks.

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