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How to create a new domain in Windows Server 2008 R2 x64.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on December 6th, 2009


Today I'll show you how to create a domain from scratch on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64. This procedure is exactly the same in 32 bit versions and versions that are not R2.

The domain that we create will be called and will be the first domino of a new forest.

First we have a Windows Server 2008 R2 X64 server. (You can follow this article to see how 2008 installed Windows from scratch but without the passage of sysprep since this server will not be a basis: Installing Windows Server Std 2008 R2 X64 step by step to use BASE).

Now that we have a clean server Windows Server 2008 with the latest patches proceed to make the first settings to prepare the server for a promotion to domain controller.

1.- We started the session as a local administrator.

2.- We set a fixed IP.

3.- Configure a name server (in our case we have called Mega2DC1).

We press on 4.- Home -> Run -> Write dcpromo and click on OK.



click on Next. (Advanced mode only serve us if you want to install the domain controller via a backup, in case you want to modify the default generated NETBIOS name or to select a different source domain controller).


click on Next. (This message warns that the authentication algorithm that was used in the past on Windows NT is no longer supported and if a Windows NT 4.0 computer tries to use the NETLOGON service to establish a secure channel to a domain controller based on Windows Server 2008, the operation may fail) you can find more information here:


We mark Create a new domain in a new forest and click on Next. (Like us what we want here is to have a primary domain controller this is the option we choose).


Write the name you give the domain: In our case and click on Next. Remember that should be the complete domain name (Think this will be the father of the whole forest, from here we can create subdomains that are part of this forest that should call


Forest functional level, um here a screen difficult to understand. See if you explain it in an easy way.

There are several domain functional level and forest level levels. In the present case that asks us about our new functional level forest work.

In the event that all domain controllers that we will install from now are Windows Server 2008 R2 interests us select as Windows Server 2008 R2 the forest functional level because it offers the possibility of restoring Active Directory objects we have eliminated mistake from a recycle bin, in any other case if the domain controllers that we will create within this forest Windows Server are 2003 or less have to select another functional level.

Note: This does not affect such that if in future other companies have domain controllers in Windows Server 2003 and we want to integrate them into our domain with a trust relationship to stop working. This is only at the level of our forest. So everything ending in


As explained in the previous article the first domain controller must be Global Catalog with what we can not uncheck this option. Moreover, the DNS is essential in a new domain. If we do not have a DNS server DNS Server leave the option checked by default and will press on Next. Nor can we make the RODC option because they do not have the time to a domain controller in Windows Server 2008. Until the end of this article clear.

press sobe Next.


click on And it is.


To improve performance I / O is recommended to host the database and log files in a different unit than the SYSVOL.

click on Next.


This password will be required in case we need to go into Active Directory Restore mode. Write down a safe and remember-the sets as only once and not again request password under any circumstances. Only when it is needed most do in a disaster recovery.

We write the password and ulsamos on Next.


We check that the data are correct and click on Next. In case you want to save this setting for a response file click on Export settings.


When installation is complete: (Not taking too long)


click on Finish (We note that no error message).


click on restart Now.

Upon entering we again ask for a username and password (As you can see in the picture below but the user is Administrator of the domain MEGACRACK2 and has the same password as the local administrator user were using so far) This is because to make the domain controller has changed the local administrator user domain administrator.


Entering the Server Manager we can see that we have installed and functional roles of Active Directory and DNS.


I hope you have been helpful and the next MegaCracks.

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10 Responses to "How to create a new domain in Windows Server 2008 R2 x64."

  1. yhasss Says:

    I have a terrible problem with windows installed a domain 2008 everything works great but when I want to change policies or delete a folder organizational unit will not let me I get Active Directory Domain Services you do not have enough previlegios and domain controler.

    please help

  2. WALTER Says:

    And AI TEBGO create subdomains as you would

  3. Joel RV Says:

    Excellent article, Thanks !!!

  4. ricardo pavez Says:

    very good your print served me a lot thanks

  5. larrysys Says:

    Tute excellent. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community ... so.

  6. Luis Armando Says:

    Friend I have a problem I can not solve. I've done every step from scratch several times and still do not know what happens. In a machine with i7 processor, asus motherboard, hard drive terabytes 2 8 and gb of ram I have installed windows server 2008. Now I want to install on a partition other than the Windows server 2008 R2, I install, I set the fixed ip follow all the steps you mentioned and when I give you to install active directory services takes a lot say about 2 to 3 hours, then restart and it takes too long to get where I put the password or else is left hanging when it starts to load the operating system if this happens recently promoted to a domain controller because when it is not normally starts. I read that may be the network card but the last time I installed it as I did here and sample active directory now takes two hours settling and not end right now parece.¿Que can be ?. It is noteworthy that has two network cards and that I disabled it because the ahi lei that could cause problems. To which I left I put the ip enabled fixed with default subnet mask, DNS servers did not put anything. I've been several times and always the same format. It can be?

  7. xavixaus Says:

    Good Luis Armando,

    In the DNS put as primary. It is normal late in starting a domain controller but not both. I understand that is the first domain controller in your network ?.
    I have never tasted the partitioning system for windows servers and 2 least one domain controller, it is understood that if you want a domain controller is forever so that it can not stop the other partition and run anytime. You can get to have many problems.

    As I suppose you're doing this is for development / test machines I recommend using either VMware virutales, VirtualServer, VirtualBox, etc ... will be much easier to manage and always from a single partition system.

    Possibly the error could come by the issue of partitioning a base operating system and another partition with another operating system. Think of the posiiblidad of virtual machines.

    You'll tell you us.

  8. Juanchouru Says:

    Hi try to follow these step but when I get the welcome screen will give next and there tells me to continnuar must remove the existing driver and that I erased all objects is wrong my domain controller is a global catalog as do to install an additional domain controller and I can not erase the previous or lose objects.

  9. xavixaus Says:

    Good Juanchouru,

    The problem is that the server where you are making the creation of the child domain already a domain controller, so tells you that if you want to delete.
    You're sure you're on the correct server (With nothing installed) so that it can promote a domain contronller?


  10. July Says:

    Thank you so much!!!

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