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How to create alerts in System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on January 11th, 2010


Today starting with the first article of the year 2010 show you how to create an alert in SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) to detect when the servers go down for a minimum of 15 GB of free space on your drive C: \ (Where must reside operating system ).

For that you have not followed the previous articles blog explains how to install and configure System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2.

The Alert message would we want to achieve something like this.


First of all we have to start the session as Manager Operations Manager.

Start the program Operations Console.

Now we stand in Authoring (Bottom left).


We are located in Management Pack Objects -> Monitors.

In the middle pane of the window seek Windows Computer -> Maintenance entity.


Press the right mouse button on Performance -> Create a Monitor -> Unit Monitor.


We deploy Windows Performance Counters -> Thresholds static -> Threshold only -> simple threshold and click on Next.


In the countryside Name: write the name you give to the monitor in our case we put for example: Less disk space 15 GB.

Write a description if you want and click on Next.


click on select.


In the countryside Object select LogicalDisk

In the countryside Select counter from list mark % Free Space

In the countryside Select instance from list: mark C:

click on OK.


Field Interval is responsible for defining the repetition time of this monitor.

We leave it as default and click on Next.


We define the threshold writing in the field Threshold value the value of the space we want to limit. (As we have said that we will monitor to ensure that the C: drive has a minimum clearance of GB 15 15360 because we value as the counter is measured in MB). It is somewhat exaggerated 15 have GB free but to make the example already serves

click on Next.


Here we monitor for example in our case the State Health are reversed. (We want to be alerted when the threshold is lower than set in the field Threshold and not vice versa).

So we modified the State Health.


click on Next.

We mark Generate alerts for this monitor. (To let us know when we have a warning of this type).

We can modify the text that will appear by changing the Alert name:


click on Create. (Now we have a monitor disk space below 15 GB for all Windows monitored through System Center Operation Manager.

At any time we can change the properties of this monitor properties by clicking the right mouse button over the object you just created.


To verify that this is working we will Monitoring expect the 15 minutes for the monitor to act and see that if we have a disk space below the GB 15 we see a warning like this:


MegaCracks Well, I hope you liked the article and especially that I have been helpful.

See you soon.

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9 Responses to "How to create alerts in System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2"

  1. tombcol Says:

    the example is fine, but select% Free Space Threshold value must be in% not in MB. To be in MB must be Free Megabytes

  2. Oscar Says:

    As you can do to make the alert is repetitive? That is, if not attended to "n" minutes, resubmit a notice until it is closed.

  3. Bernard Says:

    First of all I congratulate you for excellent space and especially the articles in Spanish that you post on System Center.

    I have several questions to ask about SCOM 2007 R2, first of all, the automatic instalr agents across the farm and terminal srevidores there are some who are in a state without supervision, as I fix this?

    On the other hand where I can find more ifnormacion in Spanish of the administration of this service.

    Thank you

  4. Gabz Says:

    Excellent post! Served me well, but I have a question, I wonder if they know if a management pack for Lotus Notes? I've been searching and have not found anything, I appreciate the help.


  5. xavixaus Says:

    Good Gabz,

    Look at the following link.

  6. Beret Says:

    Excellent post ... congratulations helped me a lot when an alarm goes off criticism can make us a warning to get personal mail? I would greatly appreciate your help :).


  7. Andres Garcia Says:

    Excellent article very good Xavier, one question ud know how to create the alerts for filegropu sizes of sql


  8. Xaus Xavier Nadal Says:

    Good afternoon Andrew.

    Antetodo thank you very much for the comment.

    Well sorry, long ago I do not use this system and now I have not implemented.

    I'm sorry not to be able to help on this occasion.


  9. Jorge Cavallini Says:

    Hello, very good your items. I can you recommend one where you try and create an alert ping is cut with a server? Thank you

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