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How to set automatic solution when SCOM alert appears.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on January 14th, 2010


Following the second installment of the System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 I'll show you how to modify a monitor to act when an alert is displayed automatically without action by the operator of the system and solving the problem or at least reducing the need to solve the problem by the operator work.

Entering the Operation Console we stand in Authoring.

We deploy Management Pack Objects -> Monitors.

Click on the Object monitor you want to automate. For example we are going to do for which we created in the previous article (less disk space 15 GB).


Right click on the Monitor and click on Properties

We are located on the tab Diagnostic and Recovery.


click on add paragraph Set recovery tasks -> Recovery for critical health state


click on Run Script and about Next.


Write a name in the recovery process and a description if you want.

We set when run this procedure. Critical where or when Warning

Select equipment that will perform this action (default is marked running the monitor) so it makes little sense to modify the target.

We leave the option checked Run Automatically recovery.

We mark Recalculate alerts monitor state after recovery finishes. (This makes sure that the alert is reliable near real time).

click on Next.


This is where we use all our programming techniques (For this very simple example)

We write the process name with its extension: Procesolimpieza.cmd for example (we also use vbs)

We can modify the timeout (This figure is the time to wait the process to complete the procedure in case you get hung).

We write in paragraph Script commands that we will run automatically.

click on Create.


Now that we have created click on the procedure OK.

That's all for today.

I hope you have been helpful and you soon MegaCracks.

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