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How to configure Windows Server Core version 2008 (Part I)

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on March 2nd, 2010


after installing Windows Server Core Version we have to make our first steps

Team set name. (Command netdom)

Set fixed ip and dns. (Netsh)

Add the computer to the domain. (Command netdom)

Rename the server with the command netdom.

We write in the command line:

netdom renamecomputer% computername% / NewName: <nuevonombre>


For changes to take effect must restart the server with the command shutdown.

shutdown-r-t 0

We set a fixed IP using the command netsh but above all to avoid problems Make a ipconfig to find out how our interface is called.


In this case we see that the interface is called Local Area Connection.

Write the following command:

ipv4 netsh interface set address name = "Local Area Connection" source = static address = mask = gateway = 1

To verify that everything went well we do a ipconfig again. If we do not see the ip correctly


Run the command netsh interface reset ipv4 as you can see on the previous screen and do the ipconfig and you will see the settings correctly.

If you want to configure a dns only must wear the following:

ipv4 netsh interface set dns name = "Local Area Connection" source = static address = primary

Make a ping to any server or your domain to verify that DNS resolution is working correctly.


Now let's put this team in the domain. The command you'll use it again netdom.

netdom join% computername% / domain: <domain> / userd: <user with permission to add computers to domain> / passwordd: <password>

Reboot the computer again with the command shutdown.

shutdown-r-t 0


Now we can access a domain user.

To log out, use the command logoff.


At the moment this is all, I hope you as a reference.

See you soon.

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  1. mabe red Says:

    Hi just wanted to know how I can leventar through my server windows server 2008 as internal mail?

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