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Detect server version and patch (McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator)

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on March 11th, 2010


Entering the following folder on the server version of Epo as:

EPO 3.5 -> % ProgramFiles% Network Associates \ ePO \ 3.xx \ DB

EPO 3.6 -> % ProgramFiles%McAfee \ ePO \ 3.xx \ DB

EPO 4.x -> % ProgramFiles%McAfee \ ePolicy Orchestrator \ DB

Edit the file server.ini and field version we can see the number you look at the following link for the version and patches installed.

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2 Responses to "Detect server version and patch (McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator)"

  1. fcoafonso Says:

    Sign me up next time even a "thanks" ..... Greetings Jejejeje

  2. XaviXaus Says:

    Good going .. is that there are people who do not like the name on the Blog, but here goes.

    Well, here I show the character that I rightly said chain file to verify that version and as a result we got to do the entire article.

    Greetings Francisco, to see if you are motivated and help me with the blog, that I have a little dejadillo.

    Regards to all.

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