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Google Adsense ads

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on September 24th, 2010


I will explain how this advertising.

At first frightened because many will think, "Surely if I give publicity to me installs malware, or charge me for something I do not want to pay."

This is not the case of advertising provided by Google. For this reason I opted to put advertising of this type.

Google offers a service called Adwords where an employer hires the service to offer their advertising on websites outside window to have a much greater value for clicks on your ad market.


Google also offers a service called Adsense which enables a link between advertising on websites hosted outside and the announcement of businessman showing any site related to your business your ad.


As a particular example of my blog:

About us piensasolutions You pay Google for every click that you make in advertising that is hosted on my blog for sharing industry and collecting a percentage from google for that click that you done in this ad at no cost to you and for the benefit of the employer and mine in this case for offering this announcement the company from my blog.

See you soon.

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