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Microsoft Windows Malicious Removal Tool (KB890830)

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on October 20th, 2010


Today I show you the great unknown. MRT (Malicious Removal Tool) Of Microsoft.

A tool "antivirus"Very powerful created by microsoft getting delete big malwares y virusFrom Blaster, Conficker, Zotob, to Stuxnet.

Like me Microsoft believes that Malware is equal to or more important than the actual virus and therefore has a tool that will publish updates downloaded every second Tuesday of the month in conjunction with the update package without realizing that enable removing malicious software on our computers.

They also have a free safety examination but we'll talk about it at another time.

To which we:

To run the application that all our teams we will not know just click on:

Home -> Run -> mrt


Click on Next.


Select Complete Test and click on Next.


The computer slows down quite normal but does a full scan (in depth).


As I have not wanted to settle any viruses or malware to demonstrate the functionality of virus removal only show you my result.

just click on Finalize to close the application.

IDLO running from time to time as you possibly give some surprise to discover that you were unknowingly infected the PC.

Until next time MegaCracks.

PS: If you like the world of protection against viruses, malware etc. .. can find enough information from the hand of Microsoft at the following links:

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4 Responses to "Microsoft Windows Malicious Removal Tool (KB890830)"

  1. Emmanuel Says:

    Did not know him, excellent as all your posts. Thanks from Argentina, Buenos Aires.

  2. Wall Says:

    Good old supply, I checked and the truth is doing very well.

    thanks for the data.

  3. SGB Says:

    Thanks, finally someone explains in simple and easy to serve this update.

  4. sandra Says:

    I have a partition between net, programs and services but not Prove in net and vote for me I get a message porq eerror d say not everyone bring q q odd uhmmmmmmm explain to me the porq q q spite'm not out in the ejcutar mrt

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