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As an Exchange account to migrate to Google Apps.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on June 12th, 2011


Another item to take on Google Apos.

Access to Google Apps to download the application Migration for Microsoft Exchange.


It will start to install the application.


Click on OK.

Access via web to the administration of your domain.


Ahora nos vamos a Configuring Advanced Tools Account google Apps for "Enable key consumer" Oauth consumer key y consumer secret.


Mark the skewer Allow access to all APIs (Allow Access to all APIs).

Copy the code (OAuth consumer secret) the clipboard and we will use in the migration process.

Remember also OAuth consumer key also we asked.

Click on the Start button on your Windows.


You can also use key Windows + r, Write down exchangemigration.exe


Fill the following fields as ye will do the import.

From the Exchange, from a profile of a user or from a PST.

In this case we will do the import from a server Exchange extracting data directly from your mailbox on the server.


Hostname / IP Address: <servidor email where the mailbox or mailboxes migrar>

Admin username: <user Exchange> server administrator

Click on Next.



Google Apps domain name: Fill in the domain where you would go to the mailbox located.

Consumer key: Google domain <normalmente apps> (You can find this in the configuration of OAuth previously said in the article)

Consumer Secret: Paste the code we've copied from the OAuth web configuration.

NOTE: For information from the screen Oauth domain settings in Google Apps -> Tools Configure advanced features of Google Apps for "Enable key consumer" OAuth consumer key and consumer secret.

Select a list of file With The users to migrate: Here you have to point to a file that you will create yourself with the following information:

If the user or users are going to migrate have the same domain name and only you will have to generate the file with the following contents:

[Email protected]

[Email protected]

However if the user is different in AD and Google Apps you must type the following:

[Email protected], [Email protected]

[Email protected], [Email protected]

Click on Next.


Select the options that we want. For example the emails, calendar and contacts received after the date 30 / 05 / 2011

click on Next.


We mark Estimate only and press Start.


We note that we will import data in Google Apps are what we need and click on Migrate.


If we make a new migration click on Start new migrationOtherwise click on Exit.

I hope you do not be no doubt, but just in case I leave the comments to ask questions that you want.

See you soon.

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