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As Google Apps for your domain get free.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on July 16th, 2011


NOTA: 12/12/2012 XCHARX> Las cuentas de Google Apps gratuitas han dejado de ser ofrecidasXCHARX

But here you have several alternatives

Google does not stop amaze me and the last thing I have found is to have Google Apps to my own domain without charge and for up to 10 users with the ability to upgrade to Enterprise edition at any time.

The link to get free version of Google Apps for your own domain is the following:

In case you may have no self-control also offer the possibility to purchase $ 10 year (An amazing price in any case).

The system has its limitations compared to the paid version (7GB mail instead of 25 GB, just awesome), and I'll tell you the differences between the 2 products Google Apps Free vs Google Apps Enterprise, but definitely another great great product company leader in IT.

You can see in the picture below the control panel is identical to Google Apps Enterprise.


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