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Managing multiple Linux servers via SSH

Written by jl on September 5th, 2011

Hello everyone

As the number of Linux servers to be administered is more tedious it grows when you make a change that affects several or even install updates. To help in the management tasks tasks Linux servers I'll talk about a tool called Clusterssh. This tool allows us to open an ssh session against a number of Linux servers and manage them simultaneously.

To install, Ubuntu distributions Debian just run from a terminal

# Apt-get install clusterssh

The way to use it is very easy, from a console, run cssh followed by the name or ip of the servers you want to connect

servidor1 #cssh servidor2 servidor3

This will open as many terminals as servers and an additional screen is where you will enter commands to be replicated to all terminals as seen in the picture below

Administer multiple servers SSL

To avoid having to write each time the ips or the names of the servers can create a file called clusters en / Etc where we can create a database with the servers we connect

servidores_web = sweb1 sweb2 sweb3

servidores_dns = sdns1 sdns2 sdns3

clusters = servidores_web servidores_dns

so that we could run

#cssh servidores_web - We would connect to all servers that have the tag servidores_web

# Cssh servidores_dns - We would connect to all servers that have the tag servidores_dns

# Cssh clusters - We connect to all servers

I hope you like


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