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Configure Google Apps on BlueHost hosting.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on September 16th, 2011


Today I have seen a new functionality in the cpanel de Bluehost where we currently hosted blog.

This new functionality Google AppsTM Wizard It used to configure the DNS required for Google Apps work it properly under our own domain and we will find in section Domains.

It's a simple wizard that will ask what services we want to implement Google Apps and we will configure the DNS as it suits us.

It's simple and not have any problem.

For those who do not be Bluehost as hosting, will touch you make these changes by hand, but this is already explained by the blog so I can not explain in this post.


click on Next When we acquired our domain and Google Apps.


We set the desired options and click on Next.


Mark the skewer I Understand the DNS changes file ... (This will cut mail service if you have not set up properly, but go to this point is not easy to get wrong).

As you can see in the picture above one of the changes I will make is the elimination of an MX record with priority 0 which is what was already set as my mail domain is now hosted on Google Apps in a while. You can also see that I only created the CNAME record for calendar, is that I I have also configured on

In any case. Click on Submit to make changes in the DNS.

And just as simple as that is, you already have the DNS configured properly so that you all work with Google Apps (Calendar, Mail and Docs) ...

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