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Ajenti Installing Ubuntu Server LTS 10.04

Written by on September drakkonian 19th, 2011

I made an installation of the application Linux server management Ajenti in a Ubuntu LTS Server 10.04 and we summarize here the steps followed:

  • File Backup / Etc / apt / sources.list with the command: sudo cp / etc / apt / sources.list / etc / apt / sources.list.bak


  • We check for file existence / Etc / apt / sources.list.bak as a mere formality with the command: l / etc / apt , We know that Linux does not fail XD


  • Modify the file sources.list adding the entry deb main mainIn my case I used nano to make the change:


  • We can download the key to upgrade the package to download Ajenti correctly. By following the advice given on the website of Ajenti, I found the case to make the pipe to concatenate commands, I was not creating the file on STDIN and then add it to the library system keys, why which decided to do it in separate steps, with the command: wget-Oajenti.key


  • We add the key Ajenti the keys to the library with the command: sudo apt-key add ajenti.key


  • We update the list repository (sudo apt-get update):


  • Install the Ajenti (sudo apt-get install Ajenti).
  • And ready. To confirm that this function, write in a web browser the IP of the server where we installed Ajenti but 8000 port, ie http://<ip de tu servidor>:8000. The default username and password is admin / admin.


They already have it installed and running.

Hope you find it useful.

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