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Accessing a shared folder from the command line in Linux

Written by jl on October 6th, 2011

Hello everyone

There are times that are in the command line of a Linux computer and the power may be of interest to access a shared folder. The environment in which we find is windows server that has a shared folder and ncuentran teams within a domain.

To do what we have to do is mount the shared folder on the Windows server on the Linux machine. The steps to do this are:

1.- Install the smbfs package that will allow us to use the cifs and smb protocols to connect to Windows servers.

# aptitude install smbfs

2.- create the directory on the Linux machine where we want to mount the shared folder

#mkdir / tmp / carperta_de_montaje

Run the following command 3.-

#mount -t {smbfs|cifs} //servidor/carpeta_compartida /tmp/carperta_montaje -o user=”dominio\usuario”

Donde indicamos que protocolo de red usamos para conectarnos, smbfs o cifs (cifs es una evolución de smb), la ruta donde esta la carpeta compartida, el directorio donde vamos a montar la carpeta y el usuario del dominio con permisos para acceder.

Once launched it will ask the user's domain password with which we connect and already we can go to the mount point, # cd / tmp / carpeta_montaje y veremos el contenido del directorio compartido

4.- when we're done using it can remove the mount point with the command

#umount / tmp / carperta_montaje

Until next time

a greeting

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