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As expand the disk size of a virtual machine

Written by jl on November 9th, 2011

Hello everyone

Following my last post where we talked about an appliance that allows us to manage the virtual infrastructure from a mobile device, today I will introduce a tool that IMHO is essential to know when managing virtual infrastructures. It's called EXPART and allows us to increase the size of the hard disks of virtual machines with Microsoft operating systems.

This is a tool that can Dell and downloaded from this link

Let's get in position, imagine you have a virtual server, which initially will have assigned a virtual hard disk size, and for whatever situation we are too small and you need to raise your size. Let's see the different steps to do:

1.-From version of vmware 4 can increase the size of virtual hard disk in hot (without turning off the virtual machine) as long as that machine has no snapshot. So we go to the properties of the virtual machine and select the hard disk to which we want to increase space.


2. - When grown hard disk size virtual machine level we need to pass the operating system to use that extra space. To do this we go to disk manager to know exactly the space that we can increase. We will see the assigned disk space in blue and black that we have increased.


To know exactly the size that we can increase we stand on the unallocated space and click the right mouse button.

3.- Después de saber el tamaño exacto es cuando entra en juego la herramienta expart. La descomprimimos y desde una consola se ejecuta, le indicamos sobre que unidad de disco duro queremos actuar, por ejemplo c:, y le indicamos el size in megabytes que queremos aumentar, como se puede ver en la siguiente imagen


Another way to pass all data directly C: \ soft \ extpart> extpart.exe c: 18442

Once executed, the process can go back to Disk Manager and can see that we have increased the size of hard disk


In our experience using this tool to tell you that whenever we have used has worked perfectly except once in error and that gave us the only way to run without error expart was restarting the virtual machine in Safe Mode.

I hope you find it useful

Until next time.

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  1. xavixaus Says:

    I was perfect. I just try and the first, the only problem is knowing the free space in MB of the final volume. But if you put more than what exists does not make any changes giving a warning about not having enough space.

    So follow.

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