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Troubleshooting DNS records duplication (Activate Scaveging)

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on November 28th, 2011

Good Morning.

When we find a scenario like this:


One solution is to set the Aging / Scavenging for all zones in the DNS.

Home -> Run -> dnsmgmt.msc

Press the right mouse button on any DNS server and Set Aging / Scavenging for all zones.


Mark Deleting stale resource records. This option must be checked each time you create a new DNS in the organization as it could be that this option remain unchecked.

Click on OK.


Mark Apply these settings to Active Directory integrated zones existingAnd will be replicated to all Active Directory-integrated DNS.

When this setting is active only thing it does is make the objects in the DNS with the expiration set to the previous screen.

You can also perform this task manually by clicking on any DNS server with the right and Delete Obsolete resource record.

When these objects are marked other property comes into play on any configured DNS DNS server right button Properties flange Advanced.


Enable automatic cleanup of obsolete records. (This setting is marked forever) but create a new DNS server.

With all this what we get is the following:


See you soon.

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