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Configure a single agent in BES mailbox

Written by jl on December 7th, 2011

Hello everyone

Not if you have ever faced the logs of a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) but are quite complex and as the number of users grows in size are often intractable.

So when we have an issue with a user may be interesting to assign an agent mailbox (mailbox agent) differently than other users, so that it generates a log agent, MAGT (which is what usually larger size of the different logs generated by the BES server, where all events are recorded communications between the Exchange and BES) independent of other users and to analyze in a more "simple". Other cases which may be interesting to have more than one agent is to assign a VIP, or latency or performance issues for some users, but must take into account that for each additional static agent that we have more processes are generated and we consume more resources in the BES server.

The procedure to assign a user's mailbox BES a static agent (from the BES server 5.0 version) is as follows:

We are located in the BES user properties


We go to the tab component information, choose edit user, change the option to turn on static mailbox agent to yes and enter the mailbox agent id field value from 200 and 399


Finally we record the changes and from this moment in the folder where you store the logs bes, usually C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Research In Motion \ BlackBerry Enterprise Server \ Logs \, it will show us a new magt logs identified by the id we introduced in the previous step.

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