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Migrate user profiles to new domain with User Profile Wizard

Written by Alex Nalda on December 12th, 2011

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to explain something really useful and wonderful, especially for system administrators who have to migrate user profiles from either workgroup or another domain.

Well, let's start:

As businesses grow, the information technology must also change. Surely you need to join multiple domains in a single Active Directory or move a Novell network to a Windows domain or it may be that you need to join a Windows domain certain machines for the first time with the consequence that Windows will create a new profile in the domain and all your data no longer belong to that profile. Until now it was a tedious job because you had to copy all the data from the old profile new domain profile to ... and today time is money ... .but thanks to the tool that I will show, this task will be done in Within minutes, something really wonderful and will save many headaches.

The exact function of this tool is that it is a migration tool that will connect your computer to the domain and share original user profile with all its settings for the new domain profile.

The tool in question is called ForensiT User Profile Wizard and here's the tutorial:

First of all we have to include the team in the new domain (dcho My Computer button. - Properties - Computer Name - Change and enter the domain name).

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances have to login with the new domain user before using the above tool. Simply log in with the administrator account locally and the new domain but never with the user profile of the new domain.

Immediately afterwards click on the ejectuble ProfWiz.exe and we will welcome screen:


We click Next and the following screen where you have to include the user appear (already created in Active Directory) and check "Set as default logon"


Then click Next and existing profiles appear in the team, we have only to choose the profile that we used so far and we click Next:


At this point comes the wonder of the program with just one click "migra" all your settings and other data and the new domain profile above.


Once finished, we click finish and go. We will have operational the old profile in the new domain.

Only will have to log off and log manager domain inthe our user.

NOTE: You may Password Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook 2003 not migrate, but for this we have a tool called Password Spectator that tells you the pass selecting the asterisks.

Well, I hope you help. Until next time !!

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One Response to "Migrate user profiles to new domain with User Profile Wizard"

  1. Matias Says:

    Hello, I mention my scenario, I have a domain where there is only 2 users, the "administrator" and one called "adm", as you say at the beginning, the company grew and obviously we concluded that it was not advisable they all use the same user "adm" so it is recommended to create a user for each employee. But here is the problem, all users have their stuff (desktop, documents, Outlook accounts, etc) in a local profile on the machine and I'm interested to know if this would be possible tool migrate to new users that will ...
    Thanks and regards
    PS: as have enough time this post, you could send me the answer to my personal email? Regards..

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