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Update management agents on DELL servers

Written by jl on January 16th, 2012

Hello everyone

In this post we will see how to install / upgrade the management agent with DELL computers, called the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node.

The first is to unburden the dell support page / support the appropriate file for your operating system. Specifically we've fallen for a W2003 VMWARE ESX server and 4.1:

  • For a machine W2003 is an exe file that decompresses and then have to run the setup.exe file, located in c: \ OpenManage \ windows \ We see the following screen to see if they meet the software requirements and if not There is no error message click on the button and we start Server Administrator installation with default settings.


A look on the installation to connect the agent can run the application icon or directly from a browser and go to http://servidor:1311 y vemos la pagina principal del agente


  • Para una máquina ESX 4.1 hay que descomprimir el fichero que nos hemos bajado mediante el siguiente comando esxserver#tar xzvf OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-LX-6.5.0-2247.ESX41.i386_A01.tar.gz and run esxserver #. / setup.exe users with a system that has sufficient privileges. We can see the list of items that are to install / upgrade as you can see in the picture below


Le decimos que yes y empieza la instalación, y una vez completada nos pregunta si queremos iniciar los servicios, como se puede ver en la siguiente imagen, le decimos que si


y ya podemos acceder desde cualquier navegador a la ip del servidor Puerto 1311. Nos pedira un usuario y contraseña del servidor esx para poder acceder.

The following prevention image we can see the menu with some parameters of the server status.


Until next time

A greeting.

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