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How to detect if a file has been opened?

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on March 19th, 2012


In times of crisis we need ingenuity to be able to save costs or if not possible, try to reduce the investment in technology (though I say it hurts the soul).

The issue before us is to fulfill the following idea I've had this afternoon.

I need a script that detects if a file has been opened at an earlier date 2 years (defined in a variable).

To compress files in the same location where found.

If more than one file in the same folder as the compressed into one file in the format OldFiles_añ

If the condition is fulfilled to detect the file / file compression and conducted properly you must delete the file or files uncompressed original.

The system could generate a (report / file) with the results of compression and summary file / folder / server

I need this in order to reduce the space occupied on a file server in order to avoid having to go shopping, music, booths, ...

The files are critical of what they will understand we can not buy cheap disks for storage.

The language can be Powershell, C #, vbs, ...

The environment must be indispensably Operating Systems Windows (Sorry Linux users or maqueros) Next time.

PS: The issue of duplication is a good investment but with ROI (investment in short).

Greetings and I hope your suggestions / scripts / programs, etc. ..

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2 Responses to "How to detect if a file has been opened?"

  1. Sag Says:

    Let's see if I have a while and watch it, but what I will do is use a vbs and 7zip

  2. xavixaus Says:

    Thank you Sag, would be great for the community.

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