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As expand the disk size of a virtual machine with OS W2008

Written by jl on April 30th, 2012

Hello everyone

In a previous post we discussed how to extend a disk from a virtual machine with the tool expart Dell. In this post we will try to how to do the same but in a virtual machine with w2008 operating system, since this tool does not work on this operating system. In this case no tool is needed and Microsoft has incorporated this possibility and can be done easily from the Disk Manager.

The steps are the following:

1.- We extend disk size on the properties of the virtual machine. Since version vmware 4 can increase the size of virtual hard disk in hot (without turning off the virtual machine) as long as that machine has no snapshot. So we go to the properties of the virtual machine and select the hard disk to which we want to increase space.

2. - We go to Disk Manager and selecting the disk you want to see that already appears to increase the space that we have raised previously in the properties of the virtual machine

3. - The unallocated space press right mouse button and select the option to extend volume

2008 increase space windows

4. - We see a wizard that can see in the pictures below, you select the disk and the size you want to increase and once selected, we give complete and we have increased the size of the disk.

I hope it will be useful until the next

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