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The RPC server is not available from Powershell

Written by sjgasca on July 18th, 2012

This article will explain how to resolve the following error: The RPC server is not available, error that appears from a powershell console

Hello everyone.

As first article for my compilation Xavi I will propose a few simple steps to resolve an error for which cost me quite find the definitva solution.

The error appears in Powershell when trying to run a function that query a computer remotely, such as WMI queries.

Then I show the error and the procedure to fix it.


To allow queries to remote computers, follow these steps:

1. Start -> Run -> dcomcnfg

2. Drop down Component Services -> Computer and select Properties in the context menu

3. Default Properties tab select "Enable COM Internet Services on this computer"


4. Restart computer.

Con esto ya no nos debería dar ningún error a la hora de ejecutar un script con consultas WMI remotas.

From here and we can make queries from a remote powershell to teams within our organization.

I hope you liked the article and you still been helpful to this error.

Greetings [Email protected]

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  1. Luis Mata Says:

    It does not work out the same error!

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