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How to install Windows Server 2012 (GUI)

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on July 21st, 2012

Today we show the first impressions and the steps taken to dispose of our brand new Windows Server 2012 (This is a Release Candidate) but we can already tinker with it a lot and here we show you step by step installation ..

The requirements are few:

Processor: 1.4 64 GHz-bit

Memory: 512 MB although we have installed with 2 GB of RAM.

HDD: Are recommended 32 GB but will install with 25 GB and see what happens ....

You can download the ISO of Windows 2012 Server from the following link:

We have downloaded the ISO and we have mounted in a virtual environment with VMware Workstation 8.


Click on Next.


Click on Install Now.


Select the version that best suits your needs, or Core version or graphical version.

For this article, select the GUI version to have a working interface.

click on Next.


We accept the license terms and click on Next.


Select the option Custom-install only Windows (Advanced). and not..


As I said before the minimum requirements are 32 GB hard drive but want to prove that this goes with 25 GB, thus having to raise it live and being able to demonstrate to another article ...

click on Next to start the installation.


When we finished the following screen:


If you do not see this screen and gives boot errors, blue screen or a simple mistake can consult the following article:

So far the installation. It was very simple ... Now we see that this is given ...


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  1. Kekko890 Says:

    Ma x il dei collegamento sul computer di server huh oh complesso facile installazione

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