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Replace a damaged disk in a Windows virtual Raid 2012

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on July 22nd, 2012

Good afternoon.

In the previous article we saw how to create a Virtual Raid on a Windows server 2012.

For in the next article we will see how to replace a damaged with a new mirror on another disk (existing or new) mirror.

It is if we break one of the disks in the raid, as re-add the disk and re-create the mirrored disk or raid.

The procedure we have followed has been to remove the primary disk in the virtual machine after creating the raid as shown in the previous article.





We started the virtual machine ...


It appears the previous window: Depending on the disc that we lost we start with an option or the other ...

Presto ... works. We just lost the C: \ drive and the system boots perfectly.


As you can see one disk failure and disk 0 has been assumed by the second virtual disk that had created and developed as a reflection.

Now we will reconnect the hot disk to see what happens ...


Since the virtual machine settings click on add.


click on Next.


We mark Use an existing virtual disk and click on Next.


click on Browse, select the file . Vmdk of the disc.


click on Finish to map it.


Now we have the disks assigned 2 again, press OK to see what happens in Windows Server 2012 ...


We see that it has detected a new external hard ... But not like the last raid ...

OK, reboot the server and we see the following screen:

RaidWindows2012_22_thumb [2]

Select the first disk to see if it works and "voila" ... it works ...

But gone are the records, the redundancy has been activated? ... Windows + R -> compmgmt.msc -> Management -> Disk Management.


We click with right button on the disc that makes missing.


And click on Remove reflection.

RaidWindows2012_29_thumb [1]

We set the record Lack and click on Remove reflection.


click on Yes.


click on Disco1 e import foreign disks

RaidWindows2012_25_thumb [1]

click on OK.


click on OK.


Now we see the disks as if there had been no raid and click with right button on the Disco 1 -> Delete volume.


click on Yes.


Now we press on Disco 0 -> Add Reflection to begin to mirror again.

RaidWindows2012_39_thumb [1]

Select the Disco 1 and click on Add reflection.


click on Yes.

Again begin to synchronize the disks and have the system as it had at the beginning with redundant disks.

So much for the great process to reassign a disk to the virtual Windows 2012 raid.

Greetings and until next time.

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