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15 plugins for WordPress (SEO, performance, outgoing)

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on October 12th, 2012

The following article shows the 15 plugins for WordPress that we are using in this blog.

Many blogs show interesting plugins in articles but no one had ever shown so far plugins that are used in the blog.

I think it's important the latter as it gives confidence to the reader that these plugins for WordPress are really tested and recommended.

I know it's a security breach exposing WordPress plugins we are using in the blog since any failure in the code of these can cause us to be vulnerable to attacks, I hope it's not so for the sake of the followers of the blog, but for this we are also careful to keep the blog with the latest security updates.

I hope you like and we comenteis WordPress plugins that you use to you in your blogs.

First I'll show them all at once with its links to the link to download and then discuss each of them separately.


Authors Widget

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator

FeedSmith FeedBurner

Google XML Sitemaps


Breadcrumb RDFa

Real IP


W3 Total Cache.

WordPress SEO




Yet Another Related Posts Plugin


Who does not know Akismet, the best protector of SPAM for a blog, you do not say much, so active, request an API Key and is responsible for almost blocking most spam.

Authors Widget:

With this plugins for WordPress have got a list by Widget authors of the blog, it is clear that if only one author blog has no point installing this plugin, but if like us you are several authors of the blog, it is cool it will see the names of each and items created, as you can see on the right sidebar of the blog.

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator:

As you can see in the blog menu have a field called INDEXThis is good as SEO technique because it shows all articles, blog categories and tags in a more effective and indexed search through crawlers.

FeedSmith FeedBurner:

This plugins for wordpress redirects 100% of the feeds to feedburner google and thus feed the blog is much better and much more configurable than the default one in WordPress.

Google XML Sitemaps:

With this plugins for WordPress have a sitemap get configured at will of our entries, categories, tags, notify google, bing, configure additional pages and set priorities, to better detect crawlers frequencies changes in our blogs.


As you can see on the right sidebar have a dropdown with possible language translation, this is thanks to this plugin in its free version shows the technology blog translated by google translate translations of the blog.

We here are using GTranslate enterprise, to provide translations in CDN, and pages with SEO best as they are directories instead of subdomains on the blog, but hey, this is meat for another article related to the translation blogs and possibilities of this product.

Although at the moment I'm very happy with it, I must say. I hope soon I have solved the problems of duplicate content.

RDFa Breadcrumb:

Have you heard of microformats, SEO is a technique that should be on our blogs, I struggled a lot to find, but in the end we have it, is a part of another plugin for wordpress which will be discussed a little later in this same article WordPress SEO, RDFa Breadcrumb think it is better than the one built into the plugin and this way we get to leave "bread crumbs" to search engines to find us more easily and deliver better results in the information provided to the user through the snippets of Google for example.

Real IP:

This WordPress plugins to get that for example detect real ip Akismet blog and may well work in a more effective, for example we use in this blog google functionality called Page Speed ​​Service that redirects requests to Google and offers you the Web more quickly without having the tool, this causes the ip is different and not detect either Akismet SPAM, but thanks to this WordPress plugin the problem is solved.


With this plugin we share buttons at the end of the articles in the main blog page is quite configurable, but what I liked is that you can leave a little button that does not slow down the loading of the blog and offer the same opportunities to others sharing wordpress plugins for the same features.

It really lacks power to put the same button on each item, but I guess in a future update will no longer have this problem.

W3 Total Cache:

We all know, the plugin for excellence in terms of performance improvement is concerned, with this plugin for the blog Worpdress get faster, in less time to load and upload the score and GTMetrix pages .. Everything for ye readers a better experience and a speed according to your requirements.

WordPress SEO:

Here a plugin that quite surprised me, until recently we were using All in One SEO, but know this, I've seen that set is much better and with more possibilities. Getting rid of indexation to the second page of each category getting rid of duplicate content Webmaster Tools google or bing.

This WordPress plugins to get better position in search engines and offer some best snippets, is hard work set each article with keywords but thanks to this plugin manage to do this job more effectively.


This plugins for wordpress makes life easier if you do not have the necessary knowledge in mysql and phpmyadmin, this wordpress plugin to work your way up the database and optimizes blog, but does not stop there, you can delete the temporary posts, can eliminate spam, etc ...

Very good to also improve the performance of the blog, thanks to download to optimizing cargo hosting the database.


With this wordpress plugins to get "compress" the images we got on the blog so you can automatically deliver items more quickly to our readers. Highly recommended.


With this plugins for wordpress Mobil got to have a version of our blog effortlessly and without having to touch a letter of the source code for our blog. There is a paid version, but with the free version of our blog can see more or less of a nice way our smartphones ... you tried to open from your Android or iOS?

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin:

And the last thing we have configured with this wordpress plugins to get each item available in a summary of the related articles of the blog, very useful for users to stay on our blog reading following articles of interest without having to be doing searches or browsing pages and pages.

I hope you liked the article and aportéis any questions in the comments of the blog.

See you soon.

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