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How to manage TCP / IP printer ports remotely

Written by jl on November 16th, 2012

Continuing the previous article on Scripts for remote administration of printers let's see how we can remotely manage TCP / IP printers through a simple script that we have available in our operating systems and certainly neither knew each.

The script we use here is prnport.vbs which as already mentioned is in the route % Windir% \ system32 operating systems Windows XP and Windows 2003 and in the following path % Windir% \ system32printing_admin_scripts \ is-is in Windows 7 and 2008 onwards Windows Server operating systems.

Among the different actions you can perform with this command, is to obtain information from the ports configured on a computer or add and delete server printer ports.

In the next picture we see the different command options


And we will see different examples

1.- Obtener la configuración de todos los puertos TCP/IP de un equipo remoto XCHARX Para ellos usamos el comando cscript prnport.vbs-l-s "remote computer name or ip"

2.- Ver la configuración de un puerto TCP/IP en concreto XCHARX Para ellos usamos el siguiente comando cscript prnport.vbs -g -s “nombre o ip equipo remoto” -r “nombre del puerto”


3.- Eliminar un puerto TCP/IP XCHARX Para ellos usamos el siguiente comando cscript prnport.vbs-d.-s "remote computer name or ip"-r "port name"


One thing to keep in mind is that this command only removes the port if it has no printer assigned.

4.- Añadir puerto tcp/ip XCHARX Para ello ejecutamos el comando cscript prnport.vbs -a -s “nombre o ip del equipo remoto” -r “nombre del puerto” -h “ip del puerto”-o “tipo de puerto” -n “numero de puerto” to”–p “nombre del puerto”


Esperemos que os sea útil.


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2 Responses to "remotely manage TCP / IP printer"

  1. sag Says:

    I prefer to use the management console and connect the printer to the computer, for me it is much more comfortable, you also have the option to back all the printer configuration.

  2. jl Says:

    Hello Sag
    Using the Print Manager is a very good option, may in fact be the most common use. We usually use the command line because it is faster, but we also use the console.

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