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VMware Cluster as create and enable HA from VirtualCenter.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on December 1st, 2012

VMware ClusterTo create a VMware cluster we have an essential form of a VirtualCenter (vCenter) and therefore of physical servers ESX 2 installed.

What we want to install a VirtualCenter server and put under a vmware cluster?

For various reasons including: vmotion (You can move virtual machines from one host hot ESX to another), Storage VMotion (Included by default in the 5.1 version of the standard license) you can move the virtual machine datastore hot (awesome) ... if a LUN is no space you can move the machine to another LUN without losing service, Fault Tolerance, ... With all this we make it easier for example spend all virtual servers from one physical server to another and so can upgrade ESX smoothly.

We from here I highly recommend it.

You can follow the following items according to your preferences, to install VirtualCenter if you have it already installed.

When you have installed the vCenter and you may access it through a vSphere client, only you should follow these steps that we show below:

Create new Datacenter.

Create new cluster.

Add Hosts.

Create new cluster for VMware Datacenter

Access vCenter through VSphere Client

VSphere Client

IP address / Name: <Ip or VirtualCenter name>

User name: <Root>

Password: <Root password>

Click on   Login


Right mouse click on the VirtualCenter server.

Click on New Datacenter.


Assign the name that you wish that identifies the DataCenter eg 001 - Barcelona (Torres Mapfre)

Crear New Clúster sobre vCenter para el cluster VMware

With the right mouse button click on 001 - Barcelona (Torres Mapfre) you have just created.


And click on New Cluster or CLICK Ctrl + L.


Name: <The name you ye> for example Critical Cluster Servers

Mark Turn On vSphere HA (To leave enabled the high availability options, this will serve us so that when one of the HOST goes for reasons not controlled, all machines were in this physical server start automatically on the machine is working properly (We will stop service, time to boot the virtual machine on the new system, but at least we will not have to be machine to machine connecting us to phase them one by one starting the 3 in the morning for example)

Click on Next.


Mark Disable: Allow VM power on operations violate availability constraints That. (We do this so that when one of the physical machines have insufficient hardware resources (CPU, Memory) to boot all virtual machines in the event that unexpectedly shut down an ESX host, we can manually start virtual machines in case for example you want to expand the disk resources to the virtual server, ie in the case we would not have marked Disable, and the ESX host (physical server) did not have enough to hold all the virtual servers 2 RAM ESX host, could not start the virtual server from the VirtualCenter after shutting down for maintenance. (If you have any doubts please Make a comment and I'll figure it out).

Click on Next.


Click on Next.


Click on Next.


Mark Enable EVC for Intel ® Hosts

Note: It has been used VMware EVC Mode: Intel "Penryn" Generation more compatible to Intel hardware when you make a vmotion, You can read the following document for more information:

To detect which processor model should you have access to the web compatibility.

EVC Movde 2

Write the name of the IBM server model and access CPU Series Details.

EVC Movde 3

This model will tell you that you have and select it from the drop down VMware EVC Mode:

Select <the processor that best suits your server> in the example we are using an IBM server with Xeon x3850 M2 and therefore block the generation of processors with Intel "Penryn" Generation

Click on Next.

If that is not compatible with dial let EVC Mode Disable EVC and click on Next.


Click on Next.


Click on Finish.

Now we have the system configured to include physical servers and enjoy the benefits of having a VMware cluster.

Agregar Hosts al clúster para el cluster VMware


With the right mouse button click on Critical Cluster Servers or the name that you have put the cluster and just click on Add Host (These steps you will have to do for each member of the cluster) (For each physical server you please include in the cluster) need not be the same hardware with the same processor and the same RAM, but if you are much better ..


Host: <IP First ESX server will compose the cluster>

Username: <user ESX> root system

Password: User <Password ESX> root system

Click on Next.


Click on Yes


Check that the server is the one that you want to add to the cluster and click on Next.


Select the license for this computer and click on Next.


Click on Next.


Click on Finish.

Perform the same steps for all hosts that comprise the cluster vmware and you're all .. When we included each of the servers will automatically install the HA agents in each of the hosts that make up the VMware cluster and the system is ready for the next "Unexpected downtime .." jejjeje ..

Greetings and see you soon MegaCracks.

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