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Upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5 - II

Written by jl on March 14th, 2013

Hello everyone

In this article we will continue with the upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5, and specifically will address the vCenter upgrade part step by step.

VCenter Update

1.- Backup database

First we make a backup of the database for what first stop vCenter services


We go to SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio do the backup of the database


2.- Backup ssl certificates

Secondly we backup the vCenter SSL certificates found in C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ VMware \ VMware VirtualCenter and you have to copy the folder SSL

Furthermore, as we discussed in the previous article the vCenter is a virtual server and make a clone snapshot.

3. We update the vCenter

In the run vCenter Server installation package, select the option and click Install vCenter Server


The installation program starts and select the installation language which in our case will be English and click OK


We arrived at the welcome screen of the installation that tells us that there is a previous version installed and will be updated to version 5.


We accept the license



On the next screen we enter the data of our organization, and we can get the license vCenter 5 or if we can not have it left blank and have a valid evaluation license for 60 days.


Nos detecta el DSN que tenemos configurado y lo único que tenemos que introducir el usuario y password para conectarnos a la base de datos


En la siguiente pantalla nos informa que los plugins que tenemos instalados en el servidor no son compatibles y que tendremos que volver a instalarlos una vez realizada la actualización del servidor.


At this point we have the option to upgrade the vCenter database exists or not. In our case we select the option to update


We select the following option to automatically update the agents on ESX hosts vCenter Infrastructure


Enter the data of the account you want the services to run


We can select the installation directories, we leave the default routes


In this screen you can modify the ports that will use vCenter. We let them default and are following


As in the previous screen for the inventory service


In this step we select the option Small as we have less than 100 Host


And finally press the Install button and start updating vCenter



In our case the upgrade cost about 20 minutes and had no error with what at first seems to be done correctly.


The next step is to connect to the vCenter with the vClient but it is necessary to install / upgrade the client version 5, and this will be discussed in the following article


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