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Upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5 - IV

Written by jl on March 19th, 2013

Hello everyone

We continue to upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5, and now we have to update the Update Manager, which is a product of VMware allows us to make and apply patches and updates very easily in our virtual infrastructure. Unlike the previous version, this no longer exists the option of upgrading operating systems as virtual machines.

Update Manager Update

In our case we installed the update manager on the same server that is vCenter database and the SQL 2005 have a remote server.

So in the vCenter server we mount the iso with the software and on the initial screen select VMware vSphere Update Manager and click install


Select the language and click OK to continue the installation

Like when we update the vCenter warns us that there is a previous version installed and that the update will occur


Click next to continue installation


We accept the license

32_5 32_6

In this screen we have the option to delete all the patches we had in the repository of the previous version and if we want to get off the new updates when Setup. We mark the two options


In this screen we have to put the IP address or name of the vCenter server and a username and password with permissions to connect to Update Manager vCenter


We detected the DSN to connect to the database and enter the username and password


In this step we have the option to update the existing database that is the option you select


Select the IP or name of the server where you are installing Update Manager, which in our case is the same as the vCenter. We leave the ports with the default settings


Here you can configure a proxy server in the event that our Internet connection required


And finally we click install to begin the installation


After a few minutes the update completes without errors.


After the update the update manager must install the plugin in vCenter.

Para ello nos vamos dentro del vCenter al menú Plug-ins, Manage Plug y nos aparece la siguiente pantalla donde podemos ver los plugins instalados y como disponible el plugin de update manager


Pulsamos en Download and Install para instalar el cliente y ejecutamos la instalación. La instalación no tiene ninguna elección así que simplemente tenemos que ir dándole a NEXT hasta completar la instalación. Aquí os dejamos los pantallazos exactos de los diferentes pasos.



32_18 32_19



So once again updated the update manager and installed the plugin can enter the vCenter and it appears the Update Manager tab as seen in the following image.


The next article will discuss updating the ESX servers that will be using update manager.


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