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Upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5 - VI

Written by jl on March 26th, 2013

Hello everyone

Penultimate step in updating our vSphere virtual infrastructure to 4.1 5. If we will see step by step updating vmtools and virtual hardware of virtual machines. This process can be done manually or using update manager, which is how we will do us. To do this manually you should go to the virtual machine you want to update and right-click to select the guest menu and install / upgrade vmtools option and once updated the same to update the hardware, right click on the virtual machine and we see the option Virtual Hardware upgrade.



Updated vmtools and hardware

As discussed above updating and virtual hardware vmtools going to do with the update manager do because it allows a more automatic, with several machines at once and even schedule when performed. To do this we validate the VClient in our virtual infrastructure and go from the view of vms and templates update manager to update manager.


By default two Baselines are created for the update, and we're going to do is create a group with these two Baselines to do the same job in updating vmtools and hardware. So we click on the link admin. View


Then hit create (or on the right pane right new Baseline Group)


We select the baselines that will be part of this group and give it to finish


So once the group baselines created, the next step is to assign virtual machines we want to update. We return to the compliance view click on attach, and select the baseline group we just created


The next step is to give scan virtual machines to check the baseline fulfilled or not, which in this case are all


We give remediate and select the baselines you want to apply and the machines that you want to update. In our case we selected only one


On the next screen you can program when you are performing the task, if we have to in a time window, or if done immediately as in our case.


Next you can select it if we make a automatic snapshot before the task is started, and if we want to or not, and how long to keep that snapshot, after which will be automatically deleted. The default is that if you make and save 48 hours.


Once you create the task and finish we give in our case by not program it automatically starts updating, it takes a few minutes and restart the virtual machine twice.

At this point we just need to take a step completely updated virtual infrastructure, which is the updated version of the datastores to VMFS5 and we will see in the next post.


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