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Cost Savings: Domains to 4.99 € per year

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on April 6th, 2013

El cost savings is something we should do as a good practice every time we buy a new product or technology in our daily lives.

Increasingly we need are quality products but at a reduced cost and today we show you a clear example of what it means quality at a good price.

If you need to buy a domain as a. Is 4.99 € / year This is your moment.

Follow the link below and we show you can enjoy a very good service, in Spanish, of good infrastructures, to have just what you need and speed product delivery and good deal when we have questions.

I'm talking about 1and1 that at least in the domain acquisition is a very good company, I can not speak or VPS hosting or email accounts, but using the following link you can buy good products at the best prices I've found. And I repeat quality.

Our domain As is under 1and1 y and we are very happy with them. We called a couple of times for technical questions and we were able to answer perfectly. Hehe, you really are at the expected level. Like many other Internet services, I like to know the technical level to which I am writing, that give us support, make a placement test (simple) is a simple way to evaluate the technical level of support technicians.

Nostros transfer from Network Solutions and although the truth is that I never gave a single problem, the domain cost seemed excessive compared with 1and1 and opted to transfer (without loss of service) may have the same Name Servers where pointed before and getting the dns were housed in a external hosting. If any of you have any doubts, I can comment via a comment on this article and will be fixed! Him as quickly as possible.

The cost savings is the order of the day, and we have to help everyone to have the best services at good prices.

If you have to buy a domain cheap, or cheap hosting or cheap vps, or simply changing the word cheap for quality, quality hosting, vps quality, quality dominos keep on the link that I put 1and1 below to purchase any of products at their disposal and so also you will help us for coming recommended by us.


Greetings and see you soon.

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