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Blackberry Messenger is available for iOS and Android

Written by jl on May 15th, 2013

At the annual meeting held in Orlando Blackberry, it was announced yesterday that the Blackberry Messenger, BBM, application will be available for iOS and Android this summer. Initially operating systems which may be used are iOS and Android 6 4.0 or higher, and may have the same characteristics as the native application. According to data from BlackBerry, BBM has 60 million active users and more than 10 million daily messages are sent. Thus comes a new competitor in the field of instant messaging, and maybe it was the pioneer in his day regarding their use in mobility.

¿Que opinión os merece este movimiento? A mi personalmente, como usuario desde hace años de blackberry, me parece que llega demasiado tarde en un mercado saturado de aplicaciones similares. Es una pena que una tecnlogia como blackberry que ha sido pionera en el campo de la movilidad no haya sabido adaptarse a los cambios del mercado, y espero que tanto la aparicion de su nuevo sistema operativo como esta apertura puedan servir para que siga estando en el mercado.


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