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differential and incremental copies occupy the same as the FULL

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on June 12th, 2013

The differential backups as we all know are copies of the differences with a FULL copy.

Perform incremental backups copy of the differences since the last full or last incremental or differential.

In today's virtual environments where we copied completely virtual servers, virtual machines have a feature called Change Block Tracking that makes it possible to make only the copy of the modifications in the memory blocks and in this way occupy only a very small space by reducing the copying time and the occupied space, BUT there are times that this is not configured if we come from previous versions of Vsphere 4 for example, when updating the ESX environments, these values ​​are not created and must be done manually.

In this article we will show how Change Block Tracking enabled on a virtual machine

To do this we must do with the Virtual machine off.

We must edit the configuration of the virtual machine by right-clicking on the virtual machine and clicking on Edit Settings.

click on Hard Disk 1.

Mentally point the value of each SCSI disk created in the virtual machine: SCSI (0: 0), ...

Enable VM CBT

Edit the virtual machine configuration -> Options -> General


Click on Configruration Parameters...

Change Block Tracking

Click on Add Row.

Add the following values ​​to configure true, the following example we have done with 2 discs, this way when we add a new disc also will enable CBT.

differential backup


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  1. Juan Luis Says:

    Thanks for your help, I had a similar problem.

    My problem was that it took a lot FULL backups due to a problem with the CBT, the solution is the same as in the post comentaís.

    I found this post that explains exactly the problem I had:

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