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How to remove a plugin in vCenter 5.1

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on July 25th, 2013

To remove a plugin in Virtual Center 5.1 have to access via web at the following address http://<vcenter>/mob

Write root system and if we have integrated with single sign on have to access a user with root privileges on vcenter.

After entering the correct credentials will access the part of the vCenter management objects. ManagedObjectReference: ServiceInstance


Now click on content


Access to ExtensionManager.

In the next picture we see the plugins installed on our Virtual Center and we know the name of each.


At the beginning of the picture shows all the extensions that we have installed on our Virtual Center in this list should be the extension or plugin you want to uninstall. Click on UnregisterExtension to access the screen to remove the plugin later write.


Write in the field Value el valor que hemos escogido en la lista de extensiones. (ExtensionList[“Nombre de valor”] que será el nombre del plugin que queréis eliminar. En nuestro ejemplo hemos puesto com.vmware.vim.vsm (DO NOT do them this system is, it's just for example).

Click on Invoke Method to complete the process and so we will have eliminated a plugin on vcenter in a clean and correct.

Now with close and reopen vCenter console will not see the plugin installed.

Greetings and see you soon.

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