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How to buy Bitcoins, Ethereum or Litecoin and win 8 € in Bitcoin for free

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on September 10th, 2017

Buy Bitcoins is the new way of investing and making money, but not everything is in the bitcoin, there are many currencies and today we are going to teach you how to buy them in a very simple and safe way.

Para quien se quiera saltar todo el artículo que hemos hecho e ir directamente a comprar bitcoins os dejamos este enlace con un regalo de 8€ en Bitcoins gratis a través de nuestro enlace de Coinbase

For those of you who want to read a little more and follow the tutorial step by step to buy ethereum you can continue reading.

There are many webs where you can register and buy cryptoneses or cryptoactive, but not all are reliable, there are some that will not ask for any information and can deceive you and others that are very interesting, we show you from here an exchange that is of total confidence and that has more than 10M of clients and we are among these clients so we can assure you from within that you will not find any problem.

The truth is that the experience with this platform of change of criptomonedas has been very good. Ease of use, transparency and low commissions to withdraw money (only 0,15 "cents") to return the money we have earned to our bank. We have checked with different amounts and all of them have only charged 0,15 €. And most importantly, we can make SEPA transfers (without any commission) if our bank allows us to do so.

Coinbase is the platform to buy Bitcoins, Ethereum or litecoins and can be purchased from 32 countries so you will have no problem wherever you are reading this article. Through the link that we have provided and when buying the first 85 € or 100 $ in any of the 3 coins you will receive from me part 8 € in Bitcoins (0.00230 BTC) to this day.

Our recommendation is to buy ETH (Ether) which is more than a cryptonnet, it is the token on which all projects are based within the network Ethereum: and we love it But also buy BTC (Bitcoins) since they have a very good profitability and an upward trend from the beginning. We bet to diversify the portfolio a little. BTC + ETH is a good option.

We leave you some links of interest to follow the currency and to do your investigations.

To see the currency price and to be able to make interactive charts for our technical analysis

Important news from the ethereum network and its ETH token

Comunidad Ethereum en Gitter

Todas las Dapp (aplicaciones descentralizadas con ETH embebido) creadas en ethereum

Os paso también una web genial con muchísima información

To view the transaction history and see enough information about mining, the last blocks created, the difficulty of the network, hashrate etc ...

Para ver otras de las mejores criptomonedas, cotizaciones, etc…

How to buy ethereum or how to buy ETH through Coinbase getting 8 € free on BTC

The first thing to do is to click on this link: Coinbase where you will see my invitation and the 10 $ of bitcoin for free.

Get Bitcoin Grais
From here you have to fill in your data, mark that you are not a robot only if you are not a robot (XD), mark that you have more than 18 years (the must have) and click on Register.

Verify coinbase mail
Access the email address that you have configured in the invitation and you will see that you have received an email from coinbase, you must click on Verify email address to validate the address
From here we will have an account created and we can start to configure it.

Step by step buy criptomonedas in Coinbase

The first step is to decide if you are a person or a business / institution, I really do not know the difference because we have done it as a Person, I understand that all of you will do it as a person and if not, please leave a comment in this article and we explain what differences they have.

Click on Next

Write your phone number and click on Next: This step is necessary because we will use our telephone number as a double authentication method to be able to secure our account and for example when we carry out large transactions we must validate them with our mobile phone for greater security.

We checked the code we received by SMS and now comes the fun part.

Step by step upload identification to Coinbase

We have to upload a photo of the passport, the driver's license or the DNI through the webcam, we use the DNI for comfort, we can make the photo through the webcam or, in its absence, the camera of the mobile with a message that will send us and a link, when clicking the link we will see this screen from the mobile where we can upload the photo from the device without having to take the photo with the camera, you can upload from the gallery, dropbox, etc ...


It is very simple and safe, do not be scared. At first it takes a little back to have to give so much data, but we assure you that there is no problem and that is all legal. There are people who may think that doing this is illegal, but quite the opposite, when we get the money through the exchange of coins we will have to declare them in the hacienda together with our income statement next year, as when we get money interests that we have in the bank, it's all legal, another thing would be that you did not declare it, but that is already a matter for each one.

When we have the photos we click on Complete Verification, it will take 2 or 3 minutes to process the images

After completing the verification we will define our method of payment:

We recommend transferring EUR to Coinbase instead of paying with a card.

We recommend that you use a transfer that although is slower you will not be charged the 3.99%. In case you are in a hurry because the ETH is very well priced and think that you will upload it with a card that is an instant payment and buy directly the 85 € or the amount that you want to have.

The payment screen does not show you how you will understand, but it is very simple, you only have to add a payment method:

For example if you click on Bank Account that is the one that we use always:

Add the Bank Name, Account Number (IBAN) and SWIFT / BIC as additional security (All this information can be provided by your bank if you go to account details in your entity whether physical or online)

When you have Coinbase added you will provide an account of your bank so you can make the transfer, especially important the reference code they give you, with this code distinguish between a transfer made by you or another person, and you are also communicated , but it is not too bad that we say so too.

Now that you have your Coinbase account created you can already buy bitcoins, buy ethereum, buy litecoins with the money you have deposited.

Step by step buy ethereum in Coinbase

In the Buy / Sell tab you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin coins, as we say ETH we like a lot, but do what you think best.

Before clicking on buy Ethereum you can instantly see the commissions associated with each purchase or sale. Take them into account to know what you have gained from the investment, the truth is that they are not bad at all.

And so that you see that I do not deceive you I leave you a picture of some movements in Coinbase made by me.

Buying ETH has been easy?

I hope you liked the article, at least you have removed some doubts about buying ethereum and enjoy making money through the criptomonedas and the 10 $ that we have given you in BTC by clicking on this link: Coinbase

The market right now has a good outlook for growth so our recommendation is to buy ETH at 250 €

Of course the money you invest must be to invest, do not put money that you will need to eat or live. Please keep in mind that sometimes we are obsessed with making money and we do not think we can lose it too. Invest only with money that you are willing to lose because the risk is high, but the profit is also very high I assure you.

A hug MegaCracks, if you have any doubt we will answer you delighted.

And when you are millionaires remember you of us in case you want to make a donation or something.

When you have bought your first ETH, BTC or LTC you can transfer them free to GDAX to operate with lower commissions and playing as the majors with trading, graphs, stop loss, limits of purchase, limits of sale, etc ...

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2 Responses to "How to buy Bitcoins, Ethereum or Litecoin and win 8 € in Bitcoin for free"

  1. Lordward Says:

    Does anyone know if it is a good time to buy Bitcoins now?

  2. Xaus Xavier Nadal Says:

    Good evening, Lordward.

    We believe it is good time, there are other currencies where you can earn much more money these days such as TRON, but BTC (Bitcoin) will be the legal tender that in the future we have to buy and sell whatever. We are convinced of that and that's why what we have in BTC is not going to be sold. There have been countless moments with the possibility of buying at a good price.

    When the price reaches 5.000 USD is a very good time, we expect or buy now that are at 8.000 USD, there are news saying that reach up to 250.000 so if up to 20.000 USD has already been to this value in 2017 you will continue earning money.

    But the usual, that is money to invest, not the one you will use to buy a car or a house or to pay the rent. We do not say it because it will not go up but because depending on where you buy it or where you store it, it could be stolen. Yes, the same as the one you carry in your pocket.


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