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Justicia: Evitar subcontratación Ilegal en «Consultoras» Informáticas.

Posted by acts268 on October 22 2012nd

Boy friends and girl friends,

Acabo de crear la petición Tribunal Superior de Justicia: Evitar la subcontratación Ilegal por parte de «Consultoras» Informáticas.

I'm trying to get 100 signatures, and need you to give me a hand for a common good related to poor people working in the ICT world and that are not being treated properly.

There are many companies that outsource to other companies that you finally hire you to offer your services to a client. It is well paid as it passes through intermediaries 3, you have a steady job, you can not show everything you know and you are definitely not trying properly.

If you want to know more about what I'm trying to get and sign my petition, click here:ón-ilegal-por-parte-de-consultoras-informáticas?share_id=gURJdEtrCs&utm_campaign=petition_creator_email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition

Just be a minute! and you help many people that the treatment is having currently not deserve.

Once you're done, please ask your friends and friends who also sign the petition. The citizens movements succeed because people like you decide to spread the word! and how social networks are on our side, we seize and share this petition.

We only ask for justice.


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The new Microsoft certifications - MCSE MCSA and returns

Posted by acts268 on September 3 2012rd


Microsoft is changing the format of the certificates once more. Changes announced yesterday entitled to Keynote, international conference and champagne!

The truth is that I do not like change, especially where it specifies that certifications expire 3 years.

Become famous acronyms MCSA and MCSE, but not with the original meaning, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator and Microsoft Certified Systems Enginner. New acronyms are:

MCSA - Microsoft Certified Solution Associate MCSE - Microsoft Certified Solution Expert

The Microsoft Certified Master certification is also affected and becomes MCSM - Microsoft Certified Solutions Master.

Besides certifications are added for Developers on the same structure MCPD - Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. Megacrack read »

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Second Shot! for Microsoft Certifications

Posted by acts268 on August 31 2012st

second shot

Now has a second chance to become certified. What does this mean? Which until May 31 2013, it has an extra and free opportunity to take the exams in which you enroll. Designed to help train and get official certifications in Microsoft technologies that potentiate their development and professional prestige, Second Shot It is available for IT professionals, developers and students who may take the opportunity to pass exams directly related to the most important job positions in the industry. Whether as Manager databases, servers or technical support, a Microsoft certification is a guarantee for their professional development, which will help greatly both in performance and in the labor market.

To learn more about the different job roles and find specific guidance on the path that will help you get the skills needed for each job, visit the Career Portal for Students , or the Portal for professionals. To sign up for free on the Second Shot follow this link:

More information: Megacrack read »

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Install DropBox on RHEL and RHEL 5 6

Posted by acts268 on June 29th 2011

  • Source:

To install Dropbox on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or 6 follow the following:

  • Open a terminal console, log in with your username and enter the home folder:

cd ~

  • Download the version of Dropbox (32 64 bit or bits, depending on the operating system that we have)

To find out if we 32 64 bits or write:

uname -r

It appears this:

32 Bits => x86

64 Bits => x86_64

32 version Bits:

wget -O dropbox.tar.gz «»

64 version Bits:

wget -O dropbox.tar.gz ""
  • Unzip the file folder ne Home:

tar -xvzf dropbox.tar.gz

  • run dropboxd

~ / .dropbox-Dist / dropboxd

  • We will see a result like this:

This client is not linked to any account ... Please visit to link this machine.

  • Dropbox creates a folder in ~ / Dropbox and begin to synchronize with this folder.

Dropbox to start at the beginning we will:

System / Preferences / More Preferences / Sessions / Startup Programs and add /home/nuestro_usuario/.dropbox-dist/dropbox

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RHSA and RHCE Exam

Posted by acts268 on June 29th 2011

Hello everyone I provided them with information about certifications in Red Hat Enterprise Linux in case anyone is interested in presenting such information comes from my instructor page:

Overview of the RHCE Exam / RHCSA:

    • It is completely and utterly practical, no part of theory.
    • It involves setting an entire server. It is corrected when everyone has finished and NOT the note said at the time. When finished, people can go there directly. The result is packed, encrypted and sent to Red Hat. Officially the result is received within 3 working days, but usually it is received before.
    • Unlike what happened to the test in the RHEL5 version, they are separated RHCSA and RHCE.
    • For consideration only allowed to carry a pen. It will provide students with paper so they can write anything they want on it, but then that paper it is the examiner. Nothing else is allowed.
    • Bring your ID or passport, it will be collected to start the test, along with mobile phones and PDAs. All this will be returned upon completion of the exam.
    • The official installation DVD from Red Hat Enterprise Linux will be accessible at all times through the network. It can access the RPMs whenever you want (unless the machine has no network at that time).
    • The network is monitored to prevent unauthorized connections.

  • To pass the exam the following is required:
    • RHCSA: Getting a 70 2% in half hours.
    • RHCE: Getting a 70% in 2 hours.

  • Total duration of the test:
    • RHCSA:
      • Start, fill in the online form, verify identities: 30 minutes
      • Review: 2 hours
      • Total time: 3: 00h. If you start at 10: 00h, at 13: 00h normally has finished
    • RHCE:
      • Start, fill in the online form, verify identities: 30 minutes
      • Review: 2 hours
      • Total time: 2: 30h. If you start at 10: 00h, at 12: 30h normally has finished

  • General advice on the review:
    • The test itself is not difficult, but if you need to do many things in a relatively short time. It is absolutely vital to have confidence with the system, especially with the Help System. If given a day to do the test, virtually everyone would, but if you lose too much time looking for things will not be approved.
    • I repeat: the review is more of a stress test that knowledge, you have to do many things in a short time.
    • Another important recommendation is to master RPM, YUM and repositories. This can save time during the exam.
    • The RHCSA test is relatively easy, but the RHCE is quite difficult. They usually pass a 85% and 33% of people respectively, provided they have attended the course associated with each test. If you have not attended any courses, the percentage drops.
    • Mastering tools Help System Red Hat Enterprise Linux is VITAL.
    • Do not stand too much on the parts that we have difficulty is very important. Keep up the examination and when terminéis the first round, return to this part more calmly.

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