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Copying files between Windows servers ROBOCOPY

Posted by Alex Nalda 18th on December 2011

Good to [Email protected],

Today I will explain how to transfer data from a server (either DC or member) in one domain to another server in the domain, either for purposes of migration or just by expansion of server space, since there are still admins working with Windows infrastructure 2000 server and can at this point for excess storage by users on the server, it has fallen short of capacity.

Well, we'll do with a little utility called Robocopy (Robust File and Folder Copy). This is a command included in the Resource kit Windows, which is useful for us to copy files and folders, so far nothing new.

The potential of this application is that it is very versatile; you can tell that you delete the source from which you are copying, or copying a file fails, we can tell you to try X times and we can also define the waiting time between attempted and try, ... etc. The good thing that all this completely automatically and with a simple command line you made.

first install the Resource Kit is installed by default in C: \ Program Files \ Windows Resource Kits \ Tools

Thereupon we open the console from HomeRun and type «cmd». Una vez dentro buscamos la ruta anterior: «C: \ Program Files \ Windows Resource Kits \ Tools» y desde ahí pondríamos por poner un ejemplo…..:

ROBOCOPY Server1 \\ \ C $ \\ Server2 \ F $ \ BACKUP / S / E / COPYALL / MIR / R: 2 / W: 2 /LOG:F:\BACKUP\COPIA1.TXT

Megacrack read »

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Lock opening any pdf file via web

Posted by Alex Nalda 14th on December 2011

Good megacracks,

Today I found a curious thing. A user had problems opening a PDF via web. I mean, the user connects to a remote SAP system, from the browser. The appearance of the page is SAP and it is a mailbox that you get documents from other managers and / or departments of the company.

Problema: una vez ingresaba a la web y se mostraban los documentos, él le daba clic a «Mostrar documento» ( lo que hacía al pulsar sobre ese botón, era que se abría el pdf del documento ) y en principio se debía abrir el pdf del archivo en sí. Pues la cosa es que no se abría. El puntero del ratón se transformaba en una estrellita que en su interior se ubicaba un signo de exclamación en rojo.

When a file that you try to open via web does not respond, it is a browser plug that is blocking the opening thereof.
After testing by setting the safety of both Intranet and Internet browser, ActiveX, install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, Java virtual machine, etc etc, it was still unopened. What is my surprise to find that it did not allow to open the file was a browser plug ....
This supplement is Google Toolbar, I disable it and voila ... opened the first.

Conclusion: whenever you may have problems opening files via web and you will lose seeking, COMPROBAD WELL browser plug-ins, solution that will take away enough headaches, without saying Google Toolbar.

Well I hope you like and if you have any questions do not hesitate to comment

Megacracks greetings and see you soon!

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Migrate user profiles to new domain with User Profile Wizard

Posted by Alex Nalda 12th on December 2011

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to explain something really useful and wonderful, especially for system administrators who have to migrate user profiles from either workgroup or another domain.

Well, let's start:

As businesses grow, the information technology must also change. Surely you need to join multiple domains in a single Active Directory or move a Novell network to a Windows domain or it may be that you need to join a Windows domain certain machines for the first time with the consequence that Windows will create a new profile in the domain and all your data no longer belong to that profile. Until now it was a tedious job because you had to copy all the data from the old profile new domain profile to ... and today time is money ... .but thanks to the tool that I will show, this task will be done in Within minutes, something really wonderful and will save many headaches.

The exact function of this tool is that it is a migration tool that will connect your computer to the domain and share original user profile with all its settings for the new domain profile.

The tool in question is called ForensiT User Profile Wizard and here's the tutorial:

First of all we have to include the team in the new domain (dcho My Computer button. - Properties - Computer Name - Change and enter the domain name).

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances have to login with the new domain user before using the above tool. Simply log in with the administrator account locally and the new domain but never with the user profile of the new domain.

Immediately afterwards click on the ejectuble ProfWiz.exe and we will welcome screen: Megacrack read »

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2003 problem when opening Outlook xls, pdf, pps or doc attachments.

Posted by Alex Nalda 12th on December 2011

The problem occurs when trying to open an attachment with the following error:


You can not create file: * .pdf (or * .xls, * .doc, * pps). Click Right-click the folder where you want to create the file and choose Properties from the context menu to check your permissions on that folder


1.Has entering the regedit (Start / Run and type regedit)

2.Sigue this route often change slightly depending on the operating system

HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Office / (directory with the version number of either Outlook or 10.0 9.0 or ... etc, that can look at by clicking Help Microsoft Office and the question mark) / Outlook / Security /

3.En Security is a value called OutlookSecureTempFolder ....

4.Da double click and copy the path

«»»C:\Documents and Settings\User\Configuración local\Archivos temporales de Internet\OLK8\»»»(suele cambiar)

5.Pega the path in the explorer and then you walk into the temporary folder outlook and ready, just delete all content, since the idea is that this folder is always available to keep their temporary outlook.

Recommendation ... ..there one of two to not saturating your outlook again.

1.Administra that folder you opened (temporary outlook)

2.Cada Once you have an attached ... save it first to disk and then open it. In this way you avoid that folder is supersaturated.


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