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Screen Capture (Take screenshot) with free and Open source tool

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 25th on October 2012

Today we show you a screen capture tool for free and open source.


Many like me you will be using this tool until I met the application trimmings Windows, just click the button on the Windows keyboard and write cuts, Microsoft's tool is fine, but is merely a Greenshot cuts.

Greenshot It is a tool to capture very light screen and with the following characteristics:

You can annotate the capture itself, highlight or hide parts of the capture, save to file, print or attach the screenshot directly into an email.

How to make a screenshot of an entire web?, Because this product is very simple. We can capture screen with scrolling in web browsers.

You can descargaros tool translations into any language.

Ranked 545 Kb

Integrates with the Print Screen key on the keyboard to different functions.

To download the latest version of this wonderful product just have to direct you to the following website:

You can read more about this product on their official website: and see the different rewards and ratings that are getting large websites of interest.

Van version updated constantly and it just gets better ... seems almost impossible, but every time they get more functionality that should have all the tools, but that only has this.

Greenshot is open source under the GPL license, so this software can be downloaded and used free of charge even in commercial environments.

I hope you enjoy it as much as me and the heap up to increase productivity as we do in this blog thanks to this wonderful tool, perhaps at first adaptaros it cost you, since you will spend some time looking at all the possibilities, but check it really worth it to see how powerful it can be.

Greetings and see you soon.

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Update management agents on DELL servers

Posted by jl on January 16th 2012

Hello everyone

In this post we will see how to install / upgrade the management agent with DELL computers, called the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node.

The first is to unburden the dell support page / support the appropriate file for your operating system. Specifically we've fallen for a W2003 VMWARE ESX server and 4.1:

  • For a machine W2003 is an exe file that decompresses and then have to run the setup.exe file, located in c: \ OpenManage \ windows \ We see the following screen to see if they meet the software requirements and if not There is no error message click on the button and we start Server Administrator installation with default settings. Megacrack read »

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As expand the disk size of a virtual machine

Posted by jl on November 9 2011th

Hello everyone

Following my last post where we talked about an appliance that allows us to manage the virtual infrastructure from a mobile device, today I will introduce a tool that IMHO is essential to know when managing virtual infrastructures. It's called EXPART and allows us to increase the size of the hard disks of virtual machines with Microsoft operating systems.

This is a tool that can Dell and downloaded from this link

Let's get in position, imagine you have a virtual server, which initially will have assigned a virtual hard disk size, and for whatever situation we are too small and you need to raise your size. Let's see the different steps to do: Megacrack read »

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Ajenti Installing Ubuntu Server LTS 10.04

Posted by drakkonian on September 19th 2011

I made an installation of the application Linux server management Ajenti in a Ubuntu LTS Server 10.04 and we summarize here the steps followed:

  • File Backup / Etc / apt / sources.list with the command: sudo cp / etc / apt / sources.list / etc / apt / sources.list.bak


  • We check for file existence / Etc / apt / sources.list.bak as a mere formality with the command: l / etc / apt , We know that Linux does not fail XD


  • Modify the file sources.list adding the entry deb main mainIn my case I used nano to make the change:


Megacrack read »

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Check your best DNS server (Fast and nearby)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 28th on August 2011


Today I show an open source application extremely useful for improving code performance servers DNS Local and improve the performance of DNS queries to the internet by releasing internal DNS load and speeding the delivery of responses from the DNS to our computer, server or network.

The idea is to detect what is the fastest DNS, with better response time and closest possible through an application developed to make a series of performance tests to detect internet which is the best DNS for our teams.

At home it is very simple, run the program, collect data and modified your router or in your local area IP of the DNS assigned to your teams that indicates the program.

In a company you will have to run the program from all points with access to internet, ie if disponéis proxy server you should run the program from each delegation / site with direct access to the Internet and every ISP and geographical location has closest DNS servers and faster than others, so if a company has contracted an internet line with Telefónica and another is with Telmex, Axtel, at & t, etc ... should run the program in each of these outputs to the internet with a computer that has access via those networks.

The program can download it from the following link:

Megacrack read »

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