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Mp3 remove the files from your iPod / iPhone / iPad

Posted by acts268 on June 6th 2011

There is software called TuneAid is perfect to get all the music from our iPod / iPhone / iPad (We even shows album art and all id3 information we have placed him), its operation is very simple, just mark the files we want to extract and will extract the path where, in fact creates the path with the artist name and album, leave the link of the official website: to see all information.

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Ipad 2 2011 for February?

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 19th on November 2010


Not to be the last to offer this information, I got to know that sources indicate that by February we will have available 2011 Ipad 2 with succulent advantages.

1. - Less weight.

2. - Faster.

3. - 5 MP Webcam. (We do video conferencing with Skype or Google??)

4. - (USB to be confirmed)

See you soon.

I will keep you informed ...

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I love the connection between Google and my Iphone (CalenGoo and DocsToGo)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 10th on November 2010


A month ago I have the Ipad and what I like most is to be able to use it with my Google applications (Google Calendar and with Google Docs).

I explain.

1. - Downloading of 5.49 € from application CalenGoo 1.5.8 version (09 / 11 / 2010) can synchronize your calendar with our iphone google. A very accomplished to the delight of people like me have thousands of appointments, conferences, meetings, Meetups, a week.

More information on CalenGoo

2. - Downloading of 7.99 € from find the application Documents To Go - Office Suite, As amended 4.0.2 (10 / 11 / 2010) application to edit, create and view Word, Excel, etc. .. and Google Docs, which is the best thing you can have all your documents in the cloud from your iphone google.

2 really useful applications if you are a true nomadic and want to have the information readily available.

See you soon.

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How to make applications installous not be deleted.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 24th on October 2010


Here you have the solution to the deletion of downloaded applications with installous and synchronizing with itunes downloaded applications are eliminated and have to reinstall.

What you need to do is:

USB Connect to Ipad.

Open Itunes.

Stop synchronization by clicking on the x in the synchronization process


You press right click on Devices -> ipadAnd select .. to transfer purchases.


Now you will see your "shopping" installous on itunes and every time you synchronize with your device applications are not deleted.

PS: This procedure has to be done every time new applications you have downloaded with Installous.

Greetings and see you soon.

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How to make a jailbreak my ipad 3.2.2 (Tested OK).

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 20th on October 2010


Yesterday I made the jailbreak to me ipad 3.2.2 with greenpois0n.


I can now confirm that this type of jailbreak it works and it's great that I recommend.

1.- synchronize my ipad with itunes.

Download application from 2.- greenpois0n on a team Windows XP. (With Windows 7 in Windows XP compatibility mode and running the application as administrator I did not work well and made sure the move with Windows XP doing it bareback).

Run the application 3.- GreenPois0n.


Click on 4.- Prepare To Jailbreak (DFU) without doing anything. Read and study as we are going to do and so only what you have to do once and you will be sure that it works well.


The program indicating you is going back with a counter (it is very easy to follow but it's okay to have it read before lighter).

Off 5.- Ipad entirely and connect via USB to the computer where the greenpois0n have installed and follow the steps you greenpois0n indicates the program.

1.- Press button turn on(power) Ipad.

2.- past 2 seconds while tightening the button power, press the button home 10 sec.

3.- After the 10 seconds release the button power.

Click on the greenpois4n 0.- program jailbreak.

6.- After this you will see on the screen iPad is running command line code. (UEEEHHH, it is hacking ...)

7.- When finished restart the IPAD and see that there is a new application called Installer no icon.

8.- just click on it and the install Internet enabled Cydia.

Finally we have a ipad with version ios 3.2.2 and with JB realized.

After this you can add a new source to Cydia to download AppSync for IOS 3.2 e Installous.

I leave you this link which explains pearl:

MegaCracks you soon.

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