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WMI Filters the great unknown

The RPC server is not available from Powershell

Posted by sjgasca 18th on July 2012

This article will explain how to resolve the following error: The RPC server is not available, error that appears from a powershell console

Hello everyone.

As first article for my compilation Xavi I will propose a few simple steps to resolve an error for which cost me quite find the definitva solution.

The error appears in Powershell when trying to run a function that query a computer remotely, such as WMI queries.

Then I show the error and the procedure to fix it.

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How to detect if a computer is portable or desktop computer with WMI.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 22nd on January 2012

Good Morning.

Some time ago I became necessary to discover computers desktop or laptop and asked Carlos Torres (one of our partners) that it is much the subject of Visual Basic Script (vbs) if I could make a script so that it can detect.

I had only a piece of code to distinguish from a WMI query and chassis types detected in a single device that guy was.

I needed an application by passing a list of equipment in a excel tell me that guy was (Desktop or laptop).

And here you have the wonderful script that you created.

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How to create a WMI filter and apply it to a Group Policy (GPO).

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 26th on November 2009


First of all comment that WMI filters are very useful in many cases. For you to have an easy way to make a WMI filter without complicaros much I leave this link to a tool that will directly create the WMI select that you should use in other programs such as the GPO from Active Directory.

The WMI Code Creator program:

I show you how it works a bit different. Extort the program:


You select field Classes the kind you please for example in this case need to know if the available disk space is 2GB Well majority to press on Win32_LogicalDisk

Now Select the properties you want values ​​for select FreeSpace.

click on Search for Property Values to see some possibilities for this WMI filter.

click on FreeSpace.

In the right screen Generated Code: We found that the WMI query that we use is: SELECT * FROM WHERE FreeSpace = 32 Win200867135488_LogicalDisk ", 48)

Now we have a WMI query that we can use at will by modifying a little bit.

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