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The all-seeing eye

You want to read our blog from your smartphone or tablet?

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 31st on May 2012

Click on the following link and download the Google Currents application.

We are offering this service to thousands of readers since December 2010, but we had not posted on the blog.

Here's the link.


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Advertise in Blogger

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 29th on April 2012

Today we will explain how to insert an advertising code in your Blogger blog technology developed under, let's do a little more complicated than usual, I explain:

This article will get to place one ad in an article by blogger but this appears on the home page Blog because as you know that you have adsense usage policies prevent us from putting more than 3 advertising blocks of the same type on one page.

The first thing to do is access the administration of our Adsense account manager or advertising that you have, and get the advertising code that best suits your blog measures.

For example the code we have chosen today is this: a banner 468 × 60

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