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This site aims to agglomerate a set of manuals and guides that can assist us at some point in our intensive course for the IT world.

  1. Operations Guide for Disaster Recovery of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.
  2. Guide Microsoft licensing modes.

3 Responses to "Manuals"

  1. Anonio Says:

    Hey. first thing is to congratulate you all for this excellent site, the second is that I have some doubts, I commented in the company have a mail service that runs under linux, mail is SquirrelMail, and management is thinking about making the change to an exchange mail server, we have a server with server windows2003 standard edition. my question is that things must be considered to have an exchange mail server, we should buy, software and licenses, and the latter can be so complicated that enable the mail server. since we want to get rid of Linux
    if they could help me I'll be very grateful


  2. Sofi Says:

    hello I have enterprise server R2008 2 I had some DNS withthe prom time for users and computers connecting to the server you can thank me help with this problem that I have

  3. xavixaus Says:

    Sofi good that you? that gives the DNS errors? you looked at the event viewer?
    Have you tried to make a DCdiag and NetDiag for errors. (These tools are in the support tools from the same installation CD).

    You'll tell me.

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