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Xaus Who is Xavier?

Xavier Xaus: Fundador y autor destacado de este blog.

Certificado VCP510, ama la tecnología desde que era pequeño.

Xaus Xavier NadalCloud Computing: Zscaler (Web Security), Symantec Cloud Security, Google Apps.

Virtualization: Vmware ESX, Virtual Center, Converter, HA, Disaster Recovery, Vmotion, licenciamiento, implementación, arquitectura de soluciones tecnológicas basadas en entornos VMware, Veeam Backup.

Storage Solutions IBM based architecture solutions for SMEs and large companies, definition of LUNS, performance study, ...

Specialist cost savings based on IT solutions.

Microsoft Technologies: Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, IIS, ISA Server, Exchange 2003, Wsus, 2000 Windows Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, licensing, KMS, ADFS 2.0, Security Policies (GPO) ...

Backup Tools: Symantec Backup Exec 2012 R2, Appliance BE3600 R2, Veeam Backup.

Security: Zscaler, Barracuda, Mcafee Epolicy Orchestrator (DLP, Políticas, etc..), F5 BIG-IP (Application Security Manager), Junos Pulse, Análisis Forense, WAF, IPS, Análisis de Malware, Sophos UTM,

Internet: Diseño de tiendas virtuales basadas en Prestashop, SEO Improvements, Redes sociales, Marketing Online, WordPress, Tecnologías Hosting, VPS,…

Official certifications:

VMware Certified Professional (VCP 510) (26 / 04 / 2013).

5.5 Vmware VCA-DCP (27 / 10 / 2013)

VMware Certified Professional

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4 Responses to "Xaus Who is Xavier?"

  1. Richard Oteiza Says:

    Good afternoon, I wanted to ask questions, I have an AD server and the TS time, the I can access without problem to the terminal server but others 2 servers that are connected to the domain I can not login as a user of remote desktop, just as a local user .
    my idea is to unify the user permissions in the ad and can access any machine from the ts.

  2. Loris Ayoub Says:

    Hello Xavier, you have some email to which I can send you information regarding one of your articles? Thank you

  3. Xaus Xavier Nadal Says:

    Loris good.

    By supuesto [Email protected]


  4. oscar Says:

    Good Xavier
    I apologize how I can generate a wsus for 2008 R2 server servers.

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