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Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 22nd on November 2008

Good Morning.

Today I will introduce a blog that I have much appreciation, its creator and her husband have taught me everything since I was-9 months now and am very proud of them, are my guidelines to follow are my inspiration and joy are my life and my feelings.

Surely you know who I mean. They are my dear parents.

The blog about the recipes that my mother has been preparing for his life, recipes that have made it big and strong as I am now.

All recipes have been tested and approved at its best for me (MegaTester food). Her recipes are delicious and of those that when you smell something like that somewhere else will always remember the best moments with her and yours.

I hope you enjoy them as I have done and as I still do now that I'm in my own house, I am always connected to the blog to prepare a home cooked meal of competition.

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you there also.

MegaCracks avail.

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